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    I am looking to upgrade my home theater receiver and I'm really interested in the convenience available in having the amp manage the switching of all my video sources. I want to connect a Game Cube (component), computer (component), DVD Player (component), VCR (s-video), cable box (s-video), TIVO (s-video), and hi-def tuner (component). Ideally, the amp should switch all these to one component input to my tv.

    My problem is, I can't seem to find any amps that switch more than three component sources. And the ONLY amp I can find that will convert a s-video signal to component (as a convenience of course, I know it won't enhance the picture) is the Denon AVR-5803. I don't really need a 4,000 dollar amplifier although I might be persuaded except even this one only switches three component sources.

    If I'm buying a new amp, I'd like it to switch everything I have today, and maybe have a few empty inputs for tomorrow! Is there a model out there that does this? I don't think it is so unusual these days to have more than three component sources, how come more manufacturers don't offer more inputs? Is there any degredation I should be aware of in converting s-video to component? I may just buy the Denon anyway...
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    Hi Dan.
    Yes, you are correct that Component Video switching is still a bit new. Most TV's only have 2 inputs as well as most receivers.
    So your only solution is to run both component cables and SVideo cables from the receiver to the TV.
    You have:
    3 SVideo Devices
    4 Component devices
    Strong suggestion: does that Game Cube offer SVideo output? If so, use this type of connection. This gives us:
    4 SVideo Devices
    3 Component Devices
    Now this is more managable.
    Dennon 5803 $4300 3 Component, 8 SVideo
    Dennon 4802 $2500 3 Component, 8 SVideo
    Marantz SR9200 $3200 4 Component, 7 SVideo
    Marantz SR14EX $2700 3 Component, 6 SVideo
    Onkyo TX-DS989Ver2 $3500 3 Component, 6 SVideo
    Pioneer Elite VSX-49TXi $4500 4 Component, 7 Svideo
    Pioneer Elite VSX-47TX $3000 4 Component, 6 SVideo
    Yamaha RX-Z1 $2800 3 Component, 8 SVideo
    Hope this helps.
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    Some of the deficiencies attributable to S-video to component video conversion, or color decoding (TV sets need to do it too)
    1. Red push
    2. Lesser chroma resolution (how thin objects can be and still have the right color, this is actually hard to see and evaluate, and for good S-video source you should see proper color in thin details one percent of the screen width.)
    3. Chroma delay (color may be inaccurately positioned as in a poorly done child's coloring book)
    You might be pleasantly surprised and find that the color decoder in the $4000. A/V receiver is better than that in your TV.
    Video hints:

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