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    Jul 8, 2001
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    I have an H/K AVR500 I bought refurbished for cheap about 8 months ago. It sounds fantastic.
    Here's the problem: every once in a while, usually during a movie in DD, but occasionally with a CD in 2-channel or a Pro Logic movie, the sound will cut out almost entirely and all I'll here is an intermittent fuzzy version of whatever I'm listening to. It's difficult to describe...kind of like rapid muting and unmuting, plus some static added to the mix for good measure. Turning the power off and then back on always gets it back to normal again.
    My theory is that it's getting too hot. It has been happening more since I moved and have the receiver sitting on the carpet (gotta build that flexi) and even more if I have another component stacked on top of it. The heat theory also would explain why it happens more on Dolby Digital soundtracks--more channels are being driven harder. Also, I have 6 ohm PSB Alphas all around. So is this a reasonable assumption? Could the inadequate heat dissipation be causing this reaction? If so, I'll get my act together and make the rack. Let me know.
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    i think it's a reasonable guess. 6-ohm speakers will cause more load on the amps, more heat generated when using mutli-channel audio....yeah...that sounds me anyway.
    you can always test - get some solid surface under the amp, maybe put a deskfan near the receiver and have the fan blow air across the top...not into it - unless you like your components covered with dust.
    should be interesting...
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