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  1. StephenRabinowitz

    Aug 27, 1999
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    Have 2 home theater setups at home. Trying to decide on whether to use my Denon 5700 or B&K Ref 20 & AV5000ll with my Monitor Audio Silver Series speakers. Demo between both not easy as unplugging & carrying back & forth. Any ideas of which is considered the better would be helpfull. Which would you use the denon or B&K.
  2. Arthur S

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    IMHO, you would be wise to do the heavy lifting till you figure out which sounds better to you.

    Also, in my experience amps (including the amps in the Denon receiver)have different strengths. Every amp decision involves deciding which strength is most important. The differences can be fairly subtle.

    For Home Theater use, which ever you choose should be more than adequate. unless there are features that one has and the other doesn't.

    If you are into music, that could make your decision much simpler. The amp that gives you the most pleasing sound with 2 channel music is likely to be the one to pick.

    I would keep switching till you feel comfortable that you prefer the sound of one over the other.

    PS Apparently you already own both the B&K and the Denon 5700. If that is the case, you can do what some of the top reviewers do: Use one set-up till you feel you want to swap out one and use the other. You are in a position to do this. So you might end up swapping as long as you own both.


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