Receiver or Amp recommendation for Klipsch RF-3

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    Nov 4, 2001
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    Hi, I would appreciate your help with the following:
    I currently have Yamaha RXV-995 A/V receiver and Klipsch RF-3 as front tower speakers. I'm happy with the HT sound when playing DVD movies, but I'm not happy with the 2-speaker stereo sound (effect off setup on the receiver). I read a lot about this receiver/speaker combination and most people say that they don't match as they are both bright. Now to achieve a good stereo music I was going in one of those 2 routes:
    1- keep my receiver for HT and connect a good 2 channel power amp to the pre-amp out of the receiver. A local dealer recommended the Bryston 3B-ST for the RF-3s (is this a good recommendation?)
    2- change the receiver and get the Denon 3802 as it has a warmer sound that can work better with my RF-3s (it's easier to sell the receiver than selling the speakers)
    Which route should I take, and why?
    Thanks for any help I can get.
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    Jan 28, 2001
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    I think you really have to ask yourself how unhappy you are with the sound. If you are only slightly unhappy with the sound a new reciever/amp may be perfect for you. However if the stereo sound really doesn't please you, looking at the more expensive RF5 and RF7 speakers might be more to your taste.
    I am running Klipsch RF3s and a Paradigm servo 15 driven by a Denon 3801. I am perfectly happy with the sound I am recieving I just perhaps would go for more powerful speakers with more bass the next time around, probably with a 12" driver in the actual speaker.
    As far as sound quality and clarity goes this sounds awesome.

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