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Discussion in 'AV Receivers' started by Scott Gallimore, Jan 14, 2005.

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    Jan 14, 2005
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    I need to replace my AV receiver. I started having trouble getting it to switch between video inputs about a year ago. To solve that problem and to let me use the component output from the DVD player, I started using the TV for video switching (using component for the DVD player and s-video for everything else). I'm now getting garbage out of the right channel. So it's time for a new receiver. I'm adding a TurtleBeach AudioTron AT-100 for my CD collection and I would really like to be able to pump some music outside to my deck (roughly 30' away). Having additional digital inputs will allow me to finally stop using composite cables over coaxial or optical.

    I have a pretty bad room housing the home theater setup: ceiling slopes up from 9' on the left to 18' on the right; two skylights; 2 glass sliding doors; brick fireplace; 3 hallways; 3 doors; left surround speaker is just over 7' up and the right is at 9'; center speaker is at 6.5'. I'm using the following equipment:
    - Receiver: Sony STR-DA80ES
    - TV: Sony KV-32FV300
    - Cable box: Scientific Atlanta Explorer 3250; Input: coax; Outputs: coax, s-video, coaxial, composite
    - DVR: Tivo Series2, 80 hour; Inputs: s-video, composite, coax; Outputs: s-video, 2 composite, coax; 2 usb ports
    - DVD/CD: Sony DVP-NC655P, 5 disk changer, 12 bit 108 mhz noise shaped video DAC/MP3 Playback; Outputs: coaxial, optical, component, 2 s-video, 2 composite
    - VCR: Mitsubishi HS-U776 SVHS HiFi; Inputs/Outputs: s-video, composite, coax
    - Speakers: Front B&W 602; Center B&W CC6; Sub Mirage PS-10; Surround Niles OS-3
    - Music: adding a TurtleBeach AudioTron AT-100; Input: rj-45 cat5e; Outputs: optical, composite

    So, the questions are (1) do I worry about video up-conversion or simply continue to run multiple video cables to the tv and (2) if given the choice between a Denon AVR1905 for $500 (at Tweeter) and a Yamaha HTR-5790 for $700 (at BestBuy), which do I go for??

    Thanks in advance!
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    Mar 23, 2005
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    the yammie 5790 is a great buy..{now off ebay..or other places found for $450-550...i got mine off for 550...brand check that site out...


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