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Discussion in 'AV Receivers' started by grantG, May 5, 2005.

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    Feb 15, 2005
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    I am currently running a Marantz 7400 receiver with a Panasonic DVD-S97.

    Do to equipment access issues, I have not tried experimenting with the DVD DACs vs. the Marantz DACs. Any reason to think there would be an improvement by utilizing the Pani DAC's?

    Also, if I have calibrated by speakers based on the Marantz Receiver, would I use those same settings (+/- db's)when going thru the setup with the DVD player or do I need to get the sound meter out again to re-calibrate?

    In general, is anyone using their DVD DACs over the reciever? if so, what equipment are you using?

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    Most receivers have better bass management, so it is typically better to let the recevier do it, especially for movies. I haven't heard the S97, but I'd expect the 7400s DACs to be as good or better than the Panny.

    With Marantz, no settings are applied to the mulitchannel inputs, so when using them you MUST set distance in the player. I'm not sure about the 7400, but my 8300 has separate level adjustments for the m/c input, so you could use the receiver to set levels (though you will need a test tone from the player), and it should get a separate calibration.

    Listen to it both ways and see which DACs you prefer. My guess is they will be fairly close. That's what I found with my Denon 2200.
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    If there is any real PITA factor involved I leave it as is, unless I was unhappy in some way with performance to make me suspect it may be better using the DVD Player DACS.

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