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Discussion in 'AV Receivers' started by Rob_mikh, Feb 22, 2004.

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    *** I posted this on the speaker forum, but I am also posting here since it applies to Receivers also ** TIA

    I am relatively new to HT, and I'm looking for opinions from more seasoned people. My only previous experience is with a Yamaha HT in a box. I listened to them at the store and for a couple of days at home and I like the sound, though I understand the speakers need a break in period. 60%HT, 40% music

    I just purchased the following 7.1 configuration and I am still within a 15 day window to make changes or returns.

    The configuration is as follows:

    Receiver: Yamaha RXV2400
    Speakers: All Paradigm v.3
    Fronts: Mini Monitor
    Center: CC-370
    Surround: ADP-170
    Rear: ADP-170
    Sub: PDR12
    Room Size: approx. 260 sq ft

    I got this for 20% off list and it just fit my budget. Should I consider making changes. Some of my concerns are:

    Is the Yamaha and Paradigm a good match
    Is the RXV2400 too much or too little receive for these speakers
    What should I use as the crossover, i assume I should set it on the receiver.

    Thanks in advance for all you opinions.
  2. ChadLB

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    Nice setup the only thing I would change would be the sub.....if it is in your budget. SVS or HSU for a sub replacement...
  3. MuneebM

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    Jan 12, 2004
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    the Yamaha and Paradigm match very well, maybe a little too bright. I auditioned the Yamaha on Paradigm speakers and loved the sound, but I just found when turned up loud (~10 db below ref level) the sound was too bright. This can obviously all be corrected with the YPAO equalization set to LOW (to give more attenuation to the lower frequencies). I find that my Yamaha matched with my JBL Studio Series is very detailed and crisp with good low-end, not as bright as with the Paradigms.

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