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    May 23, 2002
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    I'm putting together my first HT. After a couple weeks research I've settled on Paradigm Studio/20's for mains, Studio/CC for the center, and Mini Monitor's for surrounds. No sub picked yet (suggestions welcome). I was thinking of pairing these with a Denon 3802 because everyone seems to be giving these a very high recommendation. But would Separates provide a better pairing? I'm not real familiar with their advantages yet. And my music to movie ratio is about 20/80. Thanks!
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    May 18, 2000
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    I think you'd be very happy with the 3802. My old 4800 was terrific for movies. I went with seperates for music, but I've not noticed nearly the difference with movies that I have with music.
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    I feel Studios are great for music, but are probably overkill for mostly movies. I think Studios are great, however there are speakers that are just as good (IMO) for much less: These are DIY kit speakers, meaning you would have to assemble them, but some of them can be purchased assembled at an additional cost.
    The 3802 is a very good receiver for HT, but I was not totally impressed with it for music, so it may suit your needs very well since you watch more movies. I think it would provide enough power for 20s, but 40s might be pushing it. In the price range of the 3802, I don't think there are too many separates besides the Outlaw 950 paired with a budget/used amp.
    I would also give the Marantz SR8200 a listen.

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