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Discussion in 'AV Receivers' started by Dave.Zeb, Nov 22, 2003.

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    Hi folks. (fyi, this will be a long post, please feel free to cut off and reply at any point, as any advice I receive will be so much appreciated. The initial 2-3 paragraphs will have the essense of my questions)

    I've getting in a bit deeper in my quest for both a terific home audio/theatre system, and am hitting an area that I really don't have a good grasp on. Any help or links to good sites would be greatly appreciated!

    To quickly sum up, I've been looking at the PSB line of speakers, seemingly of good quality and within my price range depending on quality level. Currently looking at the Image series, bouncing around a bit between different set-ups within that line.

    Here's the key point: A great many of the reviews on these speakers, and I would imagine just about all good speakers, continually remark about how important the amp driving the system is in relation to the sound output.

    While this makes basic sense to me, they speak of different types, specifically integrated, and now this gets above my knowledge level. Quite possibly also above my budget level, and thus I'm seeking help in both gathering info, as well as deciding what is best and/or necessary for my current needs.

    Looking to spend somewhere between $1500 and $2500 on my initial set-up. After this expense I would like to be up and running and satisfied, but also have plenty of room to upgrade as needed or wanted over time.

    All I currently have is a temporary 27" flatscreen wiht the necessary inputs and picture quality, until I go HiDef/plasma... as well as an semi-old denon avr-1700 pushing 80w mean 5.1.

    I now need to decide if I can run for a year or two with great speakers and be satisfied with the support of the denon, or if I need to look to upgrade power immediately. For example, if I were to go with some 6t's, a 9c, 10s's and perhaps a sub, would I be happy with the denon being the only power source for all of this, or would it just sound plain old flat.

    Of course, I could go with the 7PT, perhaps helping with the power shortage, until I can invest i iether a better receiver and amp, but I then wonder if having a powered tower would then be a detractor from future upgrades in amps....

    It's really difficult to figure out right now.

    I look at it this way... I want to have a system that will carry me in happiness for the first year or so, at which point I'll look to make another major upgrade, $2-3k looking at investing in powering at that point. Again, in the next year or two, I'd also be looking to upgrade the viewing center, plasma or whatever might be out at that time, and say another $2-3k...

    Seems to me that finding the best, most versatile speakers right now, that can work well with whatever future upgrades I might throw their way in the next year or two, would be best.

    Well, this post is long enough, and if you've gotten this far, you've probably already been where I am, and can hopefully lead me in the correct initial direction that I won't regret a year or two from now.

    Thanks again for your time and help!
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    I have a high opinion of the PSB line...however, I am may not recommend them for you...

    First off, if you are going to be able to spend more on amplification later, keep the will survive....

    secondly, I would recommend spending a good amount on your fronts...if you absolutely need to go full 5 channel now, then i would go bookshelves in the rear...move the fronts you buy now to the backs later and the bookshelves to a 2nd/bedroom system...

    if you really had the patience, i would say just buy a pair of triangle celius for wont be disappointed if you listen to a lot of music...

    if you need to go 5 channel, i would recmmend the following...

    buy a pair of triangle zerius, triangle sextan, triangle titus....should run you around $2k...

    the titus bookshelves are amazing for the money, they will make a truly great 2nd set of speakers later....

    then when you can upgrade, when you have the $3k...take $1k for amplification (nad, rotel, marantz, etc) and then $2k for the triangle celius, your system will rock...

    if you want to stikc with the psb, and they are great speakers, get the psb 6t for fronts, the best sub you can, and cheaper bookshelves for rear, then later upgrade them...

    the only reason i dont recommend the psb for you, is that you want to upgrade later, and buying the highend of the line doesnt allow for that without having to sell them...


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