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Oct 11, 2004
Hey all.

First time posting here, excuse my lack of knowledge, etc. :) I've been researching for a few days now regarding a receiver and my options. Here's what I purchased (brand new synergy line, spent $1300, already had the sub):

F-3 x 2 rated 150 each
C-1 x 1 rated 50
S-1 x 2 rated 50 each
BA VR500 10" subwoofer

I've narrowed it down for obvious reasons to an HK or a Denon receiver. My budget is $450-650, and I don't mind buying used/refurb. There's a HK seller on ebay who's got decent prices, i was looking at the AVR630. And at ecost I'm looking at their Denon's, they have a 2803 for $425, or 2805 I've seen on ebay for a maybe ~500~.

My question is how well these will power my speakers, I know they won't have a problem with the center and surrounds, but what about the floors? Someone recommended having a seperate amp for them, how cheap and/or logical is this for me? I'm not in a huge room, and I would of gotten the F1's but fell in love with the 3's when I heard them.. I won't be cranking these but I may move soon and have a dedicated room/more space, and would like to buy for the future. etc etc etc.

Can anyone make some recommendations here? Will I be fine with either the HK and Denon or should i use seperate amps to power the F3's.

Sorry for bein a newb, any advice/reponses are appreciated!

Stephen Hopkins

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Jul 19, 2002
The speakers you have are very efficient. This means they don't require very much power to reach very high SPLs (sound pressure levels). I really don't think you would need or be able to afford an external amp in your price range. The receivers you have picked would both do very well but keep in mind that Denon is very strict on honoring warranties and won't honor warranties for items purchased on ebay. HK will honor warranties on items purchased from their ebay seller (harmanaudio).

Even though you may not need huge amounts of power to drive your speakers, you may also want to keep in mind that the Denon 2803 (and by extrapolation the 2805 most likely as as well) was only tested at around 35 true watts per channel, only 35% of its rated power. HK does a much more truthful rating of power output and sometimes exceed their actual rated power. That said, by going with the HK you do lose some nice features (automatic room-eq being a notable one).

Another receiver you may want to look into is the Pioneer VSX-1014TX. It is nearly identical to a Pioneer Elite model (52TX) that sells for around $800, only in standard pioneer dress. It has all the great features of the 2805 (PLIIx, automatic calibration and room-eq, component video upconversion) along with a much truer power rating (prior elites have been measured from 90% to 110% of their rated power). The 1014TX is available online as low as $400 and I got mine at a local B&M for $445 after tax. Pioneer is much looser on their warranty structure but I would still stay away from purchasing on eBay.

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