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Received SVS PB1-ISD Last Week (1 Viewer)

Feb 10, 2004
Thanks to this sight, I learned about the famous SVS and had to have one. I received my SVS sub at the end of last week and was able to test the sub to its full potential this last weekend. This was my first REAL sub, if you want to call KLH a sub. My first impression was that it has tight low bass with no boominess. It also can get pretty loud without distortion.The bass also seems to open up after each session of play. I was under the impression that this sub could shake and rattle a few walls but that isn't the case. I feel that it is actually pretty tame in a sense. My den is 21" x "15" x 7.5". I do have one side that has steps that leads to the upper level kitchen area and is all open, so alot of sound is dispersed to that area. I have the gain about 2/3’s and the sub level about +8 in some of the action movies I’ve viewed and most music I have listened too. If I had the extra cash I would like to purchase another PB1-ISD and put on the other side of the corner. I believe that would be ideal in my setup. Overall I’m happy with my purchase. Thanks again SVS owners.

Edward J M

Senior HTF Member
Sep 22, 2002
Hi Glenn:

+8 on the sub level and 2/3 on the gain seems high. I would double check all your electronic set-up settings. Here's some basic things to double check and some general recommendations.

Corner load the sub away from wall openings.
All speakers set to small.
Pre/pro xo set to 80 Hz.
Sub level to -5 in the pre/pro.
DVD player set to bitstream.
All dynamic range control circuits off in DVD and pre/pro.
All bass limiters off in pre/pro.
Low pass filter disabled at the SVS.
Phase to 0 (initially) at the SVS.

LFE (i.e., ".1") channel level set to max (i.e., unattenuated level) in pre/pro (this is not to be confused with the sub level control).

Balance/calibrate all speaker channels using an RS sound meter your internal test tones in the pre/pro or using a calibration disc like Avia. If you are using Avia, balance all the speaker levels to 85 dB, and the sub to about 87 dB. Use the gain on the back of the sub to adjust the sub level.

If the meter is hard to read on the sub tone, using the next higher scale on the meter and c-weighted slow setting will help keep it from fluctuating and it will be easier to read.

Play some music and DVDs and adjust final sub level to taste. Often the music setting will be lower than the HT setting, and your pre/pro should be able to remember settings for both.

Hopes this help - the PB1-ISD might not be able to shatter glass windows in that size room, but it should be giving you some pretty strong output.

Feb 10, 2004
Thanks Ed. I'll try using your suggestions. However, on the placement of corner loading the sub on a closed corner may be difficult because all of my HT equipment is on the side with the open side. I would have to put the sub on the other end of the room and I don't want to do that. Glenn


Second Unit
Apr 13, 2004
whoa! that is too high! there may be something wrong in the setup. perhaps within the receiver or the dvd player... wow... too high i think.

there was a post on here about someone who had the sub turned up real high to get decent bass... he later found out it was something with his dvd player - i forget...

wow... it took me like 20 minutes to find it - phew... the trouble i go for u...


here are some excerpts:

I just got an svs pci 20-39 a few days ago and am very disappointed with its performance.

My set up is a 14'x14' room with slate floors and 9' ceilings

I am running def techs up front (Each with 10 inch 250watt powered subs)A denon 3802 receiver.

My problem with the sub is it just does not produce the bone crushing bass i have heard described on this board. In fact I think my set up is worse for having it. It is ok at very very low bass but for all around it is a real disappointment. I have tried various locations in the room with only limited improvement. I have turned up the output to it from the receiver, cranked the gain on the sub, run my fronts in small mode, and checked several times to see if it was hooked up ok...nothing!!

I am thinking of hauling it into ultimate and listening to it next to the sunfire sub! as a last ditch before sending it back!

not happy!


This was him after fixing it:

changed the dvd player to output in bitstream instead of pcm! and OH MY GOD!!!!!

The dB out to the sub is now at 0

The Gain on the sub is less than half way up and....

I am reasonably sure I am going to need a kidney transplant from the vibritory energy that has just passed through and destroyed them!

That thing is dangerous!! somebody is going to lose an eye!

Why didn't somebody jump through my computer and slap me!!!

I am afraid of this sub! there is no need for one that produces more than twice the spl!!!!

Thanks to everyone who was so patient!!!

Thanks again to the guys at SVS!


Here is the link to the thread:

More often than not, there is something off about the setup... because, in all reality, the SVS should POUND! I had 22-31PCi (same as your PB1i) and boy - that thing was always under 1/2 gain... anything over that would give my room a seizure!

I have a GOOD TIP: Try DISABLING THE CROSSOVER in the back of the sub - let your receiver handle it automatically - you will hear a difference (especially if u have the crossover set inappropriately).

Good luck! :D


Second Unit
Apr 13, 2004
here is another thread from hometheaterspot.com... same symptoms as yours.


the guy has a sub like mine and had to turn the gain 3/4 hot... wow! and he couldnt figure out why he wasnt getting sufficient bass... so he figured he should clear the receiver's memory and BOOM! problem solved.

dont lose hope buddy! ;)

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