Rears: Will any speaker do? Help!

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    Dec 20, 2002
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    I'm looking at getting some rear/ surround speakers for my home theater. I currently own Monitor Audio Silver 8's and silver center. My room is 14x19. They make a couple of different speakers that can be used as rears.
    1) Silver FXi: di and bi-pole capable, classified as their true surround speakers
    2) Silver S2: sold as able to be used for front or rear use.

    From time to time, I will use the rears upstairs for stereo music. I'm sure I'll get great music from the S2 in stereo, but I'm not sure if the FXi will play stereo well on their own. In addition, will the S2 play surround as well as the true surround FXi.

    Any insite? Perhaps a different line of speakers that make great surround and music capabilities that are also timbre matched to my MA towers.

  2. Tim Morton

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    May 5, 2000
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    I think the PSB alpha mini's sound great/cost nothing and can play full range and work great as rear surrounds.

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