Rear surround sound speaker placement?

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    Hello all,
    This is my first post and hope I am posting in the correct location. First off I am new to the Home Theater scene. I have decided that I want to start out with one of the HTB systems due to the fact I would hate to spend $3,000 plus and feel I wasted my money. I am looking at the Kenwood HTB-505 system. I have read a few posts and I like the idea I can upgrade components if I wish down the road if I so decide. Is there a system close to the same price and better?
    My main question is about the placement of the rear speakers. From the little I know of surround sound systems, I thought these speakers went behind you facing forward. When did this change to them located to the left and right of the main seat facing each other and why? I will not be able to mount the speakers on the left and right wall of the room I am setting up the system in. Will it matter if the go on the wall behind the main seat in the room? Should they face forward? Should I try to face them at each other even though they are mounted to the same wall? Should I angle them in towards the center of the room? Also, the room is ceramic tile wall to wall. Will this be a problem with poor sound quality?
    I read on a post I should buy a SPL meter and AVIA setup DVD to set speaker levels and locations. Is this worth the $100 for a $500 system?
    Any information would help a great deal. Thanks in advance!!!
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    This might help answer some of your questions Both ways to set up the surrounds are used. I don't know much about HTB systems, but I don't think you would need to calibrate and spend the extra money on the meter and disk, but please get a second and third opinion on this.
    Also, I would do a search on HTB systems on the forum. I think you will get a good amount of info on the better ones. maybe type in "best HTB"
    Good luck
    Also there's a thread on the Onkyo HTB which talsk about JBL's- take a read- it may help also and these people would know better as they have heard the HTB's.
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    hi lance -
    most of those speakers you see positioned to the side of the seating position are dipolar speakers. they're designed to actually fire towards the front and back (along the wall) as opposed to directly toward the listener. the idea is that they provide a more "diffused" rear-channel environment.
    the speakers that come with the kenwood (good choice btw) are "regular" speakers, so you'll (probably) want to position more towards the rear.
    one important thing to keep in mind. everyone's setup is different and people have different preferences. some like a more "directed" sound, others like more diffused.
    bottom line is you must EXPERIMENT and find what you like best.
    also, check out this link (also from the site)

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