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  1. Ian Eishen

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    Jan 22, 2002
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    I have a Sony STR-DE875 reciever with some small JVC bookshelf rear speakers. The problem is my rear speakers have to be about 2 ft ftom the listening position so they sound too loud. I havent found a way to turn the output to those speakers down so I can hear the front speakers. Does anyone have any ideas.


  2. Michael Reuben

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    Consult your manual. According to Sony's website, the model you've listed has DD and DTS decoding. There should be separate level settings for each channel. They're probably under "setup" or some similar term.

    The goal is to set all channels to be at equal volume from the listening position. The Video Essentials and AVIA setup DVDs provide instructions on how to do this using a sound-pressure level (SPL) meter, available at any Radio Shack.

  3. Rob Dawn

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    Well, if it's anything like my Sony STR-DA333ES receiver, you should have a "set up" button on the front. Go in to the set up menu and scroll through all the options. It should have 2 things you can set to help out.

    1) Speaker distance - set the distance for all 5 of your speakers. Setting the rears WAY closer than the fronts should tell the receiver to reduce the sound output to the rears.

    2) Another is the relative decibal level for each speaker - you should be able to set the rears as much as 10db lower than the other speakers which will also help

    Looks like you have buttons labeled "Surr" & "Level" on the front too. You'll have to go into those menus and see if you can find anything helpful in them as well.

    Good luck,


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