Rear speaker placement - ceiling/wall corner too high?

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    In my room I have two corner hutches in the back. I was planning on placing my rears on top, as they fit - snuggly.

    I have direct radiating Klipsch KG1s that I like very much, but have not tried them up this high before. The ceiling is 7 feet high, and the speakers go right up to there in the two rear corners. I can't really angle them down any. I am planning on toeing them in towards the listening area a bit, but not too much.

    Are these speakers going to have a prob being so close to the ceiling? I know 7 ft isn't really that high, but will I get crazy reflections off the ceiling? Perhaps that can be a good thing?

    The rear wall is about 5 feet from the back of the couch (parallel), so it's a pretty steep angle from my head (on the couch) to the top of the hutches.

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    I have the Klipsch KM-2's. Made 1994-1997. They are mounted about 7' up the wall (8' ceilings). Although I have them mounted on wall mounts I have tried different combinations.
    Facing each other: Worked relatively well. Volume was there but imaging was waaaayyy off.
    Facing TV not angled down or toed in: Again no imaging and volume was down.
    Facing TV angled down, toed in: A bunch better. Great imaging, and very good volume. This is where I have them set to now. Even my wife noticed a big difference. My KM-2's seem to be very picky about how and where they are placed.
    Just my $.07 [​IMG]

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