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  1. Eric Kahn

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    I am looking for a pair of relativly inexpensive wall mount rear speakers

    I currently use the rear speakers on movies and some TV shows, not for listening to music

    My mains are klipsch Chorus II's and my center is a klipsch KLF C7

    my listening position is against the back wall of the room which means that the rears are going to be mounted on the side walls in the corners up high to clear a door on one side

    Klisch quintets seem to be going for less than 100 for the pair of rear surrounds on Ebay, are they any good or should I buy somthing else?

    Any advice at all??
  2. Eric Kahn

    Eric Kahn Guest


    does the guality of the rear speakers make that much difference???
  3. Scott O'Keeffe

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    Hi Eric,

    I don't think they matter as much as your fronts as far as quality goes, but I definitely advise that you stay with Klipsch as you want to have some matching, that's for sure.

    I'm not too familiar with the Klipsch line, but I'm sure you can't go wrong with those Quintets.

    My .02


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