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    I would like some opinions in regard to some HDTV rear projection models that I am looking at. I plan to use this set mostly to view dvd’s for now, but will use it to watch HDTV broadcasts in the future. I will continue to use my Sony Vega to view 4:3 product.
    Because of the size of my room, the sets that I have narrowed my choice to are:
    Hitachi 43” 43UWX10B
    Panasonic 47” PT47WX modle 51 or 49
    Mitsubishi 46” WT 46809
    Toshiba 50” 50 H 80
    My main concern, is of course, which has the best picture. This would mean both out of the box, and after a possible calibration. I will be using a Sony NS700P progressive scan player with the set. I have seen these players on display at various retail outlets, but never side by side. Another problem seems to be, how well the TV is set up for display. For example, I saw the Panny at a high-end video store, and it looked great. I saw the same set at Circuit City, and it looked good, but not as good. Finally, I saw the same Panasonic at Best Buy, and it looked like a piece of %$#@!!! I don’t know how much faith I can put in what I see in the stores. For example, if they are making more money selling one brand than another, will they take extra care extra care in displaying the profitable set and make sure the other set looks “bad”?
    My second concern is features. I was told that the Panasonic and Mitsubishi have modes that sound like 3:2 pulldown, film mode or cinema scape, but that these are not actually 3:2 pulldown sets. The Hitachi had a sign on it that said 3:2 pulldown capable, but it might be a “faux” version of the feature such as on the Panny and Mit. I have not found any info on the new Toshiba yet.
    I also understand that the Hitachi lets you turn the "scanning velocity modulation" off very easily, which will give a better picture. I know that the Panasonic does not let you do this except by clipping some wires! Again, I don’t know about the Mitsubishi and Toshiba models.
    I wish I could find a web page for projection sets like the one at the “Secrets of Home Theatre” website, were they had an article called Progessive Scan DVD Shootout that did a great job comparing the different DVD players.
    Anyway, of the four sets that I am looking at, do any of them stand out from the crowd for any reason, or is it just a case of them all being of about the same quality and just searching for the best price?
    Thanks in advance for any info you can provide.
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    I would personally stay away from the Hitachi's, simply because they don't do "true" 16:9. Instead of squeezing the 4:3 raster to a 16:9, it simply paints black bars on the top and bottom, throwing away resolution.
    Mitsubishi has a very bad red-push, making everything look very hot.
    Panasonic, IMHO, has very bad line doubling artifacts.
    Toshiba would have to be my choice, out of the ones you listed. If you're gonna be using a progressive DVD player, then the internal line doubler will be bypassed anyway. Sets with 3-2 pulldown detection only benifit material that is film-based (24fps) from sources such as VHS, DBS, LD, etc. Your progressive scan DVD player will handle the 3-2 pulldown detection, and do a better job than your set anyway.
    Another thing to consider is horizontal resolution capabilities. These specs aren't advertized - But unfortunately, determine a great deal about the set's performance. Most HDTV-ready sets will advertize VERTICAL resolution (ie, 1080i or 720p capable). But almost none of them tell you the horizontal resolution. Most sets don't even come close to the 1920 "pixels" or horizontal resolution in a 1080i signal (1920x1080i). Most consumer sets do around 1100-1200.
    Philips is one of the few manufacturers who tell you these numbers (theirs can supposedly resolve 1500+ pixels). The only way you can really tell how a set performs, is by using an HDTV resolution pattern generator. The horizontal resolution is where all the detail is - The amount of vertical scanlines doesn't impact the detail of the picture as much.
    -Ryan Dinan

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