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    I have been looking at the Toshiba 50H82, Hitachi's 51UWX20B, or the Mitsubishi 48" WS-48511. If anyone knows of an excellent HDTV Monitor under $2,500, please let me know. Also, what is a good home theater system with about 600 total watts, under around 600 dollars with relatively small speakers a thunderous powered subwoofer (100-150 watts)? I have listened to the the Onkyo HT-S650, and it is awesome for the money, but the speakers are too large for our room decor. Thank you.
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    Didn't look too closely at those TVs since they were out of my price range. I bought the Panny 53wx42, which is much cheaper than those w/out sacrificing picture quality.
    Personally, I'd suggest giving the Panny 53" a good look before taking the plunge on one of those 3. With the savings, you can either get ISF calibration for the TV OR add it to your sound system budget. $600 for a complete sound system isn't going to buy very much, especially if you want small speakers that still sound good.
    I haven't been following the scene for sound systems these days, but last time I checked, Energy would be a good brand to consider for good sounding, small speakers on a modest-to-good budget. Then throw in either an Onkyo or Yamaha receiver, and you should do quite well. But I'm quite certain $600 will not be enough for all this, especially w/ a decent sub thrown in. Don't forget cable costs add up too.
    Anyway, not sure this is the best forum for talking sound systems [​IMG] although there really isn't one for HT-in-a-box.

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