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Discussion in 'Speakers' started by Lee M T, Oct 6, 2003.

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    Why do we have rear ports?

    It seems to me that the vast majority of people will have to set their speakers up rather close to the wall, like myself. I'm looking at Axiom M22ti's for my mains and I'll only have roughly 11" of freedom around back. Do the axioms have a recommended distance?

    I really can't find too many front ported speakers that I can afford. I am really interested in Energy C-3's, but once you add stands and tax, we're looking at around $1,700 for for fronts, surrounds, and a center and I'm still without a sub. Forget that. PSB's aren't sold anywhere close to me, except for one place that I don't really care for. I kind of like the Mirage Omni 50's, which are front ported, but I'm thinking a single 5 1/2" driver won't suffice for stereo listening, (although I actually don't do much of that). I still need to do some in depth listening at my local shop. Anyhow, I'm thinking, since the Mirage's would have to be so close to my entertainment center the special design wouldn't work as well.

    The Axioms really seem like a great choice for me. What would I lose if the ports are too close to the wall? Just some bass extension? I wouldn't mind that too much, since I mainly watch movies and I'll have a sub to take care of that portion.

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    Too close to the wall will increase the bass, and make your speakers sound boomy. Some speakers(revel m20s i think) have adjustments on the speaker to compensate for near-wall placement. Others (i think the B&W 600 series) have port plugs. 11" should be enough. If you were REALLY picky you could play with placement and trying to get soundstage depth and the like with less/more distance to the back wall, but a foot should be fine.

    shit. red sox just hit a homerun. dammit. Anyway. Yeah you should be fine. Audition your speakers first if you can.
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    HAHAHA...I am pulling for the Red Sox and Cubs.

    The general rule for distance behind the speaker is three times the port diameter.

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