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    I currently do not have a surround receiver, but, am planning to in the future, once the wife gives the OK [​IMG] ...
    I currently have a Marantz SR63 with a pair of Boston CR85's as my fronts. In my opinion, and I'm not an audiophile, they sound great together. My TV is a 32" Sony Wega.
    I would like to know first of all, should I bother with rears if I'm not getting a surround system? Or will rears help my current set up? I thought that it might help fill the room up? My room is 18'x15'.
    Because of my room and furniture configuration, my TV and fronts are in a corner. No choice on that, wife said so.
    I need advice on the placements of the rears, and whether I should monopole, dipole, tripole, greased pole....need some help.
    I am going to try to attach a diagram of my room. Can I get some advice on rear speaker placement? Yhe wall behind the main couch is out of the question, as we have a nice painting there....and rears there wouldn't look good.
    I'll try again if it didn't attach well. How do you insert a file into the message?
    D:ProfilesfabrizDesktopFamily Room.bmp
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    Fabrizio...first welcome to the forum!....
    On your question....note that there is a current thread open on this topic...
    Click here to join the discussion
    Good luck and welcome to the forum! [​IMG]
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    Neil Joseph
    Sounds like you are ready to step into the home theatre arena so yes, you will need surround speakers, and down the road a subwoofer too which adds to the experience greatly.

    When you get your surround receiver then you can buy the surround speakers, if you do not have a centre channel speaker then you will need on of those as well (sits atop TV), and as I mentioned, you can get the sub after that.
  4. Christian dds

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    First and foremost.....persuade your wife to allow you to move the TV and fronts.

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