REALLY Need Quick Lesson: Selling Silver Coins

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    I need to do this yesterday. I have a buncha silver dollars that, regards collecting value, are of maginal extra worth...or at least I have been told.

    So..I need advice on selling it all as silver what with the price of silver rising. Any guidance would be accepted with great appreciation.
  2. Marc S Kessler

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    First I would start by getting hold of a book (there are several) at the library or at a book store that can give you an idea of the value of the coins. Armed with that knowledge you should be able to find an honest dealer in which to sell your coins.
  3. Eve T

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    You can also have your coins appraised by a reputable dealer who will grade them for you. You will then have an idea of their worth.

    There are several places online that you can look for a general idea of their value but like books that you could obtain the information only goes so far. A coin or any item a person is selling is only worth what one is willing to pay. You may find a dealer that is looking for your particular type of coin while another dealer may have oodles of them and won't give you as much.
    Get them graded and appraised that way you have a solid leg to stand on as to their value when you try to unload them onto a dealer/s.
    Yes, I buy and collect gold and silver. There are still some reputable dealers out there.
    Good luck.

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