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Real good gear (Lexicon)for sale as well as interconnects (1 Viewer)

Jeff Whitford

Dec 31, 1998
Ok I'm changing this up a little bit. I need the money for the Lexicon but the other stuff you can trade me Blurays or the selected HDDVDs i've got listed at the bottom or some combination of Paypal and discs. Ive also added more stuff.

I am selling my prize Lexicon MC-8 . I am the original owner of this piece and it is in excellent condition. It is version 1 and is not the balanced output version. Here is a link for the piece. Lexicon MC-8 Music and Cinema Processor Specifications
The selling price is $2000 OBO plus shipping (double boxed in the same boxs it came from Lexicon in)and insurance.Ended up taking a bath on Ebay for this and had to ship to Europe to boot.

Inday RGB4X-R HDTV 4x1 Component Video Switcher
HDTV Analog (Y,PbPr or RGB) 4-Input to 1-Output Switcher.Accepts any analog component video type, progressive or interlaced at any scan rate.
Remote Controllable w/ discrete IR! IR Remote Control Included $75 plus shipping

Mitsubishi M-V7057 Top of the line Laserdisc Player W/discs THX WOW etc.
This player is considered to be one of the best Laserdisc players ever made. Has AC-3 RF out as well as conventional digital out,Svideo,composite video & analog outs. I have all box,packing instruction manual and remote. Here is a link to a Secrets review of the piece.
Product Review -

Laserdiscs as part of this package all widescreen except where noted
THX WOW pretty scratched up but plays fine
Star Wars Trilogy Faces
Breakdown DD
Very Brady Sequel DD
Brave Heart DD
Sudden Death (not available on DVD in widescreen)
Star Trek Generations (it hangs up in one spot)
Home Alone
Sgt Bilko
Private Parts
The King and I

An evening with Robin Williams (Not available on DVD) analog audio
Thirty Seconds over Tokyo
Amazing Stories Book One (Not available on DVD) The Mission w/Kevin Costner
Opportunity knocks
Let It Ride
K2 not the original cover
PRICE IS $300 shipped or best offer

Hughes E86 Directv HD receiver (no service required)with built in over the air HD/digital/analog tuner with remote $50 or 3 BD's and you pay shipping. GONE

Panasonic RP56 one of the best progressive DVD players ever with remote and manual $20 or a BD and you pay shipping

Mitsibishi HSU69 SVHS VCR One of the best ever. In original box w/manual and remote $20 or a BD and you pay shipping

Mistubishi HSU780 SVHS VCR remote and manual still sealed in original packaging $20 or a BD and you pay shipping

Viewsonic VB50HRTV Hi Rez TV (outboard)tuner for a computer $50 or 3 BD's and you pay shipping

GE 1100 DVD player its old svideo or composite in original box with remote manual take this and some cables for $20 or a BD and you pay shipping

Will also trade for HDM
Monster Cable
M1000 Svideo cables
2m (6.5') $10 3 available
4m (13') $15 1 available
Coaxial digital
ILD100 2m $12
IL400 .5m $10
I300 4m 3 individual cables $5 each
1.5m $5 2 available
Rca brand
s-video 4m $5
75ohm rca video/digital coax 4m $5
PC squared .5 interconect $12
Generic but not freebee stuff (I just dont know the brand)
2m component cables $10 ea 2 available

Car stereo
PRC SNI-1 rca filter (engine noise/wine) $5 2 available
Peripheral P-1 signal G.L. isolator (engine noise/wine) $5 2 available

For cables I would like to sell them in at least $10 lots
I take Paypal or money orders.
I'm looking for these Blu Rays
Oceans 11
Men In Black
The Longest Day
Enemy of the State

I'm looking for these HD DVDs
The Song Remains The Same
Breakfast Club
The Game
Adventures Of Robin Hood
American Werewolf In London
The Warriors

Im looking for these SD discs only
Harry Potter & The Goblet of Fire
Harry Potter & The Order of the Phoenix
Gimme Shelter Criterion
I'm open to offers

Jeff Whitford

Dec 31, 1998
Is everyone broke?

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