Real Ghostbusters Production Interview... Everything you've wanted to know...

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    Well, everything I've wanted to know at least [​IMG]. From the Producer of the series. The Questions on the movies can be found in the movies section...

    1)How did the show come about? Was it the next
    logical step after the film became such a big

    (1) The first movie was made when there was no idea of doing a second movie.
    One of the surprises of the first movie was the appeal to kids. In fact at the
    first preview screening we saw kids there and thought they might find it too
    scary. When the scary parts (to a kid) were then diffused by a joke and silly loved the release. It also became a useful tool for parents to
    use so little kids would be less afraid of things that go bump in the night.
    So here we were, no sequel in mind, kids, a few toys (nothing much because we
    didn't pre sell something that didn¹t seem ok to kids. SO.....folks who made
    livings from developing cartoons from movies came along and convinced us...and
    THEN a toy deal could fall into place.

    2)How long did this cartoon take to plan before it went
    on the air? Was it tough to cast the show,
    where you trying to find voice actors who sounded like
    their live action counterparts, etc? I think I speak for
    all of us when I say that this is the BEST movie to toon
    adaption ever done. Plus it really expanded on Winstons
    character to boot [​IMG].

    (2)It went into quick production. Columbia TV and we (Ivan's people) looked
    at production companies that could deliver 64 shows for syndication. (the ABC
    deal was yet to be made) and in a few months we were off and running.
    Joe Strasinsky (check the spelling) was hot to be story editor and not only
    was talented and funny, but respected and understood the movie.
    Ivan is particularly good at casting and put the final approval on the voices.
    Arsinio Hall was easy to pick (he auditioned for the movie but was thought to
    be a bit young). The other guys were able to do multiple voices and were
    improve comedians as well, so tweaking the scripts on set became easy.
    Expanding on Winston and Janine was easy on TV because you needed to come up
    with new plots and you had lots and lots of time. (episodes).

    3)This is a most asked question. Why was the show
    changed to a more toonified look in season 3 and
    focusing soley on the adventures of Slimer? I like
    to refer to it as the Scrappy Doo years of the GB
    franchise [​IMG]. It tried to bounce back to the story
    structure of the first two seasons toward the end
    with 'Slimer and the Real Ghostbsuters', but do you
    think it really recovered from the change over?
    I'm curious as to wether it was a network decision
    or a creative one.

    (3)Well your questions about the "toonification
    " is interesting. Part of it was this...the show was simultaneously sold to
    syndication AND had never happened on TV. What this meant is the
    first season got on air on syndication and meant several things...not as much
    money for animation, so one in three shows would be difficult to watch
    (quality of animation, drawing etc) but always (I think) bailed out by the
    great writing. There was no standards and practices for syndication and the
    show was more adult. When the ABC shows were getting made (same creative team
    and production team) we had more bucks for animation but had to write a little
    more for Saturday morning (as it was then called). Meanwhile slimer became
    more popular with the kids. THEN....the decision was made to go for a longer
    show....hence the more stylized (intentional) Slimer spots. The style and
    writing tone were to separate it more and keep the Slimer cartoons lighter. It
    then sort of ran out of steam (5 years in all on the air and 100 shows...let's
    face it , only the Simpson's outran us in the comedy animation world).

    4)Speaking of Character changes....What happened
    to Janine during the final seasons of the show? I loved
    the way the change happened as an episode plot, rather
    than just magically popping up in an episode as a character
    re-design...but most fans of the show missed her old
    Annie Potts Look and NY accent...

    (4)Annie's accent did not change. The hair changed because as a woman she was
    the only character We COULD change (thereby making her fresher). She was also
    developing as a leading smart heroin. The hair change was my idea and I always
    liked it.

    5)From the Newsgroup: "Why wasn't Lorenzo Music used past
    the midpoint of the Real Ghostbusters?"

    (5)Lorenzo Music. First off let me say he is a wonderful, smart. Talented,
    Funny man. When we started the show we couldn¹t use the original film
    actors...too expensive, conflicting and busy schedules, etc. So the voices had
    to reflect the CHARACTERS not the actors. In ("Bill's) Venk's case it was
    difficult to get the voice to go with the writing...but he was great.
    Then mid way through production Bill was having lunch with Ivan Reitman and
    said how much he liked the show and said "why doesn¹t he sound like me? We
    just assumed we wouldn¹t get permission and worked around it. Ivan came and
    told us to change it. Then because we had impressionists/comics doing the
    voices any way, we went for Bill and figured it wouldn¹t be the first time
    changes in a character would be made mid season on Television. I missed
    Lorenzo....on the other hand some people didn¹t care for him because his voice
    was so well known for Garfield among many other things.

    6)I know that you didn't have any part in Extreme GB,
    but if you've seen any of it, what do you think of the series?
    And fans want to know, 'Is it considered Cannon with the

    I never even saw one episode of Extreme GB. It was a concept of Hasbro to
    try and re vitalize the franchise to sell toys (I never saw a toy either). I
    think they may even have paid to get it produced, not sure.

    7)What would you like to see released as extras on the animated
    Ghostbuster DVD's? Any particular forms, ala season sets
    or best ofs? Any current plans to put these out?

    7:It's a shame there is no collection of the best shows. The first set of
    videos was when video tape was still a young industry. There were only a few
    shows completed and some were just terrible...we were still feeling out how
    to do the show. One of my favorites was the chickens show and the very
    sophisticated boogie man show...too many others to recall...but I wish there
    would be a good collection. I'm surprised we haven't seen the show being
    aired anywhere at all...

    8)Last RGB question....There's supposedly a Ghostbuster
    Revival going on. A new Comic Book has appeared,
    shifting away from the RGB Designs(Fans of Egons hair
    from the series are dissapointed [​IMG] ), and going
    with a more movie toned look. If this is a success,
    do you think a new animated series based on the book
    can make it in todays toon market?

    8:I haven't seen a new comic...can you send me one?
    I have no idea if it could come back to feeling is no...that was
    then and this is audiences, etc.
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    There was an episode of the animated GhostBusters series that I SOOOOOOOOO thought would have been perfect, expanded, for GB3. They went to upstate NY and found themselves in the midst of A Christmas Story...Scrooge and all. Was well written and damn interesting..I have in on VHS to this day!

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