Real Genius, and my theory on DVDs and HBO

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    Okay, here's what's up.
    I've noticed that around the time that a DVD comes out, the various movie channels will play that film to encourage people to buy it.
    For example, Die Hard 5 Star Collection (on FX), The Godfather (forgot which channel), and so on. I'll think of more examples immediately after posting this [​IMG]
    Also, they will play movies to help get rid of inventory, such as the Star Trek movies on TNN. These will soon be in boxed sets (all the films together). I say "get rid of" because I've read several rumors that the movies will be re-released in order as special editions after the Star Trek:TMP DVD comes out.
    Which leads me to this. I'm guessing/hoping that the studios will play a movie to gauge the audiences reaction, such as the recent (and numerous) showings of Real Genius. I, and many others, have been occasionally posting that this movie NEEDS to come out (preferably in wide screen, which the final credits are ALWAYS shown in.)
    Anyone else care to guess on this? I know that studios will occasionally listen, which is superbly demonstrated by the Buckaroo Bonzai DVD (the on-line petition of which I proudly signed.) Soon after the bare-bones DVD was announced, people begged for all the extras possible, to the extent that the DVD release was pushed back and redone to include:
    Buckaroo Bonzai
    Special Features:
    -New Anamorphic Transfer With 5.1 Audio Track
    -Exciting Nuon Enhanced Special Features
    -Audio Commentary By Director W.D. Richter
    -Rare Prologue Sequence Starring Jamie Lee Curtis
    -Never-Before-Seen Deleted Scenes, Restored With Director’s Audio Commentary
    -Making-Of Documentary Featuring Director W.D.Richter, John Lithgow, Peter Weller, Jeff Goldblum And More!
    -Cool Storyboard And Behind-The-Scenes Featurette
    -TV Spots, Theatrical Trailers
    -Lots Of Easter Eggs To Make Cult Fans Happy
    -Technical Details:
    -Screen Format: 16x9 Widescreen
    -Languages: ENG (Stereo) FR (Mono)
    -Subtitles: FR, SP
    For those of you who don't care about these particular films, please don't troll. Your particular interest in them is NOT the point.
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    I've noticed that too. A movie plays a lot on cable, then comes out on DVD. Awhile back, Real Genius was on all the time on HBO (right before I dumped the channel) and I was like "Yay, it's coming out!" (yes, it's a guilty pleasure) But so far...not hide nor hair.
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    I would kill for it. Seeing it so often just stokes the fires. Back when Val was making good movies. Just a well written example and the best of the genre at the time.
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    I've noticed that too but I always thought they were trying to kill the video sales by giving it to their subscribers prior to the release, or else just trying to get a last run out of it before it becomes generally available on home video. Anyhow, I guess there are plenty of other "vintage" movies they run that don't eventually come out on home video. It's probably all a coincidence.
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    Yes - It was the same way for the release of Big Trouble in Little China and Point Break. They were on HBO multiple times before and after the releases to DVD!
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