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Discussion in 'Computers' started by PatH, Apr 21, 2006.

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    I'm on the verge of buying a new system, after waiting quite a bit to get the money together. I want a backward copatible 64-bit (for the future--I know there's little to nothing out there, but I believe it'll start showing up soon after Gates releases Vista) so I figure this limits me to Gateway or Hewlett-Packard/Compaq. I know that all the Intel dual-core hyperthreaders say Vista capable, but isn't a dual-core is just that -- 2 32-bits -- so is that really the same as a 64-bit?

    I intend to max out the system memory but all of the machines I've looked at have shared video memory. I don't like the sound of that, but is that really a problem if I have 2 or 4 gig of system memory? Is a second video card a solution for this?

    I intend to have a TV tuner, maybe 2, because I plan to record a lot of movies off Turner Classics and timeshift other shows. I will not be downloading illegally. Originally, I thought to interface this with a VCR to transfer old films on VHS I've recorded since 1977. I have maybe a thousand videotapes, but will blow off 90% of them since TV series I've recorded are coming to DVD at a good clip. I see no point in doing a lot of work when I can buy the DVDs if I really love the show.

    Anyway, I've now decided to get a separate burner to interface with a VHS to get the older movies if they will in fact play (I've already tossed several that simply will no longer play and I freely and regrettably acknowledge that most of my earlier tapes may be nothing but paperweights, a circumstance I can't confirm until I start looking through them.

    I will have a DVD burner in the computer for burning DVDs from stuff I record to my hard drive, which will either be large or have at least one brother.
    7200 rpm minimum, though the 10000 rpm appear to be relatively small.
    Should I get a RAID controller for backup or use an external through USB or firewire? The internal backup doesn't make too much sense to me because, if the machine craters, the backup craters, too.

    I can't build the machine or have it built, because I need to have cradle to grave support for this puppy. I'm in a wheelchair and must use paratransit for 90% of my needs. This means. I believe, an onsite service contract, or at least a vendor who'll pick up and return the machine if needed.

    I don't know how much I can get a name brand customized by a brick and mortar vendor, but the extent to which this is available will figure in my decision as to where and what to buy. I also realize that any machine is built by someone, but not all provide the "security" of a service contract.

    Well, that's plenty for you all to chew on. Any input will be appreciated. Purchase is imminent, but, hey, it's no one's fault, the forum has been down for a bit. Thanks to all.

    Forgot to say that I intend to network my DSL line with my brother's PC. I'll
    be a wired connection; he'll be wireless.

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    You are correct that the new dual-core chips from Intel (the Core Duo) are 32-bit chips. However, it appears as though Vista will be able to run on a 32-bit platform.

    Regarding the video . . . it sounds as though you're buying a desktop. You should definitely be able to find one that does not have shared video memory. If you can't, then that means you're probably looking at machines designed for businesses and should look at the other product lines.

    I personally wouldn't buy more than 2GB of RAM from the factory as that is enough for most people. Anyways, it would be much more cost effective to purchase additional RAM from NewEgg and have someone install it for you.

    If you're going to have lots of media on your computer it's probably a good idea to get 2 HDs. Get one that's about 80-120GB for your system. Get another one that is considerably larger for data. That way if you ever need to reformat and reinstall your OS, you'll still have your media.

    An external drive (USB2.0 or firewire) is a very good idea for a backup.

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