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Professor Echo

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Jul 28, 2008
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so mr. epstein you are saying that in your 11 years no one has ever been banned from the site for purely arbitrary, even juvenile, reasons? let's say someone who was following the rules and who had previously only posted learned comments with keen observations, befitting their caliber as a professional and well respected author, as well as someone who has worked for the studios as a writer, but in this instance happened to disagree with the position of a moderator. as the moderator had posted his views PUBLICLY, so too did the member in response, which is why the rule of taking it private didn't seem to apply. but let's say that the moderator didn't like the response and just suddenly banned the member for spite. and we'll go even further to say that when the situation was brought up to you as administrator you immediately sided with the moderator in question, even though you privately admitted that the banning was an overreaction. of course, this is all hypothetical, but you are saying that such practices never happen?

sorry to be off topic. feel free to ban me if i am violating the rules or for any reason whatsoever. it's your ball.

as for the topic, are you saying in your post that as a venerated insider and studio confidante, you understand and possibly support what cbs/paramount did to this release of THE FUGITIVE? i would really like to know.

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