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Meek Rubel

May 28, 2008
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Meek Rubel
Not me, David. :)

My letter to Mister Dante: (please excuse the Navy language)

"Hi, Angelo.

Word on the street is that you're the chicken**** turkey -- which I guess makes you more of a turkey**** -- behind the decision to defame "The Fugitive" by replacing the Emmy-winning background music by a bunch of noise written by your brother.

Well, at least your brother can do something. Unlike yourself, who obviously can't do anything but spread some legalistic, cheeseball puke over a very special work of popular art.

I'm sure I speak for all "Fugitive" fans when I tell you that today I returned unopened my DVD set, straight back to Amazon. If you check out the review page of this Angelo Dante-abomination over at Amazon, you will find that everyone is doing the same. And of course no one will be buying any future sets defecated on by you and your weasel department.

What we will do, of course, is buy the beautiful, complete BOOTLEG sets -- with original music -- on offer over at many internet sites.

Good one, Angelo! What a great business decision you made!!

As your ancient ancestor Dante Alighieri once wrote: "The lowest rings of hell are reserved for those who change the music on 'The Fugitive'." Wow, from the great Dante to you. See, incest is a baaaaaaaad thing."

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