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Discussion in 'Displays' started by Mark Abrams, Sep 19, 2005.

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    I am - at LAST - on the verge of buying a DLP TV, after more than a year without a bigscreen in my house, following the failure of my 15-y/o Mitsubishi rear projector CRT TV.

    I hear that there are new 1080's out from Samsung, but that 1080 is not necessarily good for sports or fast moving action on the screen?? I would probably go for 60+" and want to get the best deal for my situation. I live in a rural area, where the cable TV system is not digital, and
    where there is no broadcast HDTV, at least now.

    Any recommendations??
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    You may have heard that 1080i signal is slightly worse compared to 720p when it comes to motion artifacts, but this has nothing to do with the TV itself.

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