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Discussion in 'Displays' started by Mark Abrams, Nov 20, 2005.

  1. Mark Abrams

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    I recently contacted some wholesalers and was told that their delivery option was to get the TV to your door; if you live one flight of stairs up, it would then be your responsibility to get the TV up the stairs and into your apt. I don't go for that - they mentioned something called
    "White Glove Service" but weren't sure those delivery people would bring the TV up the stairs.

    I want to deal with a company that is going to take all
    liability off my hands and deliver the TV *INSIDE* my apartment - maybe even situate it on the TV stand I am
    buying simultaneously. I don't care whether they do any
    hook-ups of cables etc; I can't do that. What would be the best companies for full-service delivery?? Anybody have any experience with this "White Glove Delivery"?
  2. Jay_Via

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    When i bought my 65" Toshiba CRT RPTV through they set up a "white glove delivery" (which is exactly what they call it) which consisted of the delivery company doing EVERYTHING except hooking up the cables to get it running. They got it out of the truck, into my living room (half flight of stairs) unboxed it and took the packaging materials away.

    My experience was good but i cannot speak for all services like that. I dont recall what the name of that delivery service was either, sorry.

    If you are getting a new technology dlp/lcd/plasma/etc you should have no problem getting it up a flight of stairs as they are very light. If you are getting a 65" CRT, that might be a different story [​IMG] I think my Toshiba was like 300-some lbs.
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    When I was pricing my JVC D-ILA 56" set, I found the lowet price on a website. I have a bad back, a pinched nerve in one shoulder that limits my mobility, and live in a 3rd floor walk-up. I knew to factor in getting the thing carried up the stairs and unboxed (and the packaging removed) as part of the purchase.

    When I priced the set out with the "white glove" delivery and a surcharge for the two extra flights of stairs, it turned out to be more expensive than getting the same set delivered by my local Best Buy - despite the "higher" sticker price and the fact that I had to pay sales tax. (Add in the 10% off coupon I have and the $140 in Rewards Zone coupons that I'm going to get. Not to mention that I got them to agree to take back the 27" Westinghouse LCD set I had bought 33 days ago as my home office TV/PC monitor in exchange for the 32" model which is sale this week for what the 27" cost me originally. [​IMG])

    I'm having it delivered in a couple of weeks, after a local charity comes to collect my old Toshiba 56" widescreen (NTSC) CRT RPTV and old wall unit.



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