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    Hi all! I'm brand new to the forum.

    I have 2 quick questions, the first of which I think I know the answer to.

    1. I have a Sony DVD/SACD/CD player. Im using the digital coax out to my receiver for DVD playback. The owners manuel REPEATEDLY states that SACD signals are not sent from the digital outs. I assume this means I also have to use the 5.1 outs on the player to the 5.1 in on my receiver to enjoy SACD?

    1.a. Should I also run Audio RCAs from the RCA outs on the DVD/SACD/CD to the "CD in" on my receiver for easier switching to Stereo for Stereo CDs?

    2. Assuming the answer to question # 1 is "YES", I need to know if I can use an RCA type VIDEO cable for an RCA type AUDIO connection. Specifically, I have 2 fairly nice 3 way RCAs (left/right/vid) I'd like to use these to connect my SACD 5.1 out to the 5.1 in on my receiver (i.e. using the "video" designated cables for the Sub and center channels)? Will this cause any difference in performance? thanks!
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    1) You can use analog (L/R) cables, but most people just use the digital connection for stereo CD's. The digital connection will carry all the sounds from an ordinary CD, but not the SACD information.

    2) Mabey. Try it and see.

    Here is the rule: Video cables must be made with something called "75 ohm" coax.

    Audio cables can be made with any of the common types of coax: 50, 75, 110, 300 ohm.

    Often, the bundles of L/R/Video cables are all made with the identical 75 ohm coax. If your cables are of this type, they will make dandy 5-channel conductors.

    But the video cable and audio cable could be made with different impedence coax. This could cause a bit of tone-shift for the channel connected with the video/yellow cable.

    (No, you cannot just look at the cable to see if it's different. You almost have to cut it apart to see and then.. you have just ruined your cable).

    But try it. Nothing will be harmed in the effort.

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