RCA F38310 (General Questions)

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    As you can see, this will be my very first post here. I have lurked here quite a bit, and finally registered and will be offering ALOT of questions.
    Please bare with me as I'm a self proclaimed newbie.
    Well, I've made the costly leap into HDTV, with the purchase of the RCA 38" F38310. I have had the set for a little less then a week now, and while I have been generally pleased I do have some questions/concerns.
    They are :
    - I get some static coming from the screen *every* time I turn off the T.V. This happened to my old 27" Sharp T.V but not *everytime* and not alot of static. But with the RCA it occurs alot. It is basically a blanket of static coming from the screen when it is turned off.
    I was told by someone through mail, that it is probaly an external source causing the static.
    This is my wiring/set-up,
    Surge Protector : Monster Cable HTS 700(connected directly to wall) Connecting the following components
    T.V Monitor - RCA F38310
    DVD - Sony D530
    Cable - Sigma Cable Top Box
    Reciever - Kenwood VR 407
    Spare - 200 Watt Lamp
    Spare - Sega Dreamcast.
    There are no other components on that outlet with the Surge Protector.
    My Subwoofer is connected directly to a wall on the opposite end.
    The way the set-up for the T.V is as follows,
    DVD Component Cable direct to T.V.
    DVD Optical to Kenwood Reciever
    Cable Wall Coaxial to Cable Set-Top, Set-Top Coaxial to T.V
    T.V Audio Out to Kenwood Monitor Audio Ins.
    I think my set-up is fine, let me know otherwise.
    If there is an external source, I believe it would come directly from what lies beyond the wall. Directly inback of the wall of the outlet of the surge protector is the kitchen, and more significant the Refrigerator. Any thoughts?
    Also, when powering up the T.V I see sorta like a lightning strike either on the far right side (more of a white little line) and a faint white image directly in the center of the screen.
    And my last thing, when the T.V is turned off, I can hear the fan working pretty loud, I believe this is normal, but the fan is on pretty much the whole time with no letdown. This maybe normal, but just making sure.
    Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time.
  2. Cortney J Beard

    Mar 1, 2000
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    The fan noise will stay on all the time, it is to cool the processors in the tv(Directv tuner and whatnot). I have a terrific Proscan tv(Formerly RCAs top of the line stuff)and it is a static machine. I have my tv plugged into one of two Monster HTS3500s and used to have a crinckle noise and a pop in one of my subs whenever I turned the tube off, try using different plugs in your monster power plug, they use different filters, also take the lamp out of the loop, that may be doing something. Hope this helps.
  3. Arthur S

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    Jul 2, 1999
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    Ray or Cortney or anyone else who knows, is the fan on all the time, even hours after the set is turned off? Or is it on all the time the set is on but stops when the decoder box and Direct TV receiver are cool enough?
    A fan that runs ALL the time would probably stop me from buying this set or any set that has a rather loud fan that runs 24 hours a day.
    I have not read anything about rear projection sets needing a fan. Though the RCA HD rear projection set might well have a fan to cool the decoder, I don't know.

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