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  1. Ok, for many people, DIY is a way of getting a big bang for your buck item if you don't value your time.
    I just finished unloaded a couple of lead bricks from my backpack so I can use them to mass load some cabinets. to get the bricks here, I had to hike up and down many small hills and lots of stairs. Only a little over a mile trek, but with 52lbs of lead in a book bag, it wasn't easy[​IMG] ..but it was free!
    ...and to keep this more on topic for this forum, feel free to also list your cheap-b-tard hints for DIY scrouges [​IMG]
    I am sure there are plenty out there looking to save money on their DIY projects!
    My hint which is also an old phrase:
    One man's garbage is anothers treasure!
    Scout those construction sites for scrap sonotube. More often then not, it is thrown away[​IMG] (ask before you take!!!)
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    Jun 30, 1999
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    I don't DIY for the free hernias.
  3. 52 pounds wasn't too bad [​IMG] it was the lack of a belt strap that made it "interesting." Usually my backpack (for backpacking) is around 40lbs for the longer hauls.
  4. Chris Carswell

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    Mar 5, 2002
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    Just my $.02, hope it saves a few $$$ [​IMG]
    For spikes:
    Walmart training arrow tips. Go to the hardware store & get the correct size nuts. Recess those into the MDF & glue in place. Nuts = $.50, 12 tips = $1.50 You saved $15 over PE's cheapest spikes.
    Thank Ronnie Ferrel(sp) for that one.
    For Black Hole 5:
    Buy 4 PE# 268-010 damping sheets, some bed egg crate foam from Walmart(cheaper than PE# 260-315B), and any type glue of choice (spray adhesive works great). Cut to size. Roll on the damping sheets to the cabinet. Spread on the glue. Put on the egg crate. I also like to staple in the corners JTBS. Now you have generic BH5. It's not as good but $7 a sheet vs. $50 is a lot better.
    For Flared Ports:
    You can make your own. I use a 3 1/2" hole saw to cut a hole in a 5" square piece of MDF. Push the 3" wide PVC in until it is flush. Then take a 1/2" or 3/4" round over bit & round over the inside of the PVC. Glue the MDF to the PVC. Inside part is done. Now do the same for the outside except just cut the hole in the cabinet where you want to port to go(no additional square piece is needed). You just saved $14.
    For Sono tubes & ports construction sites are great. They are always throwing away scrap sono tubes & various sized PVC. Like Anthony said, ask 1st b/c if you don't & they needed that stuff it can be a felony offense.
  5. Dave Poehlman

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    I usually call my local mom & pop hardware stores for short lengths of PVC (the warehouse stores will only sell you a 5' piece). They usually just give me a scrap piece or two for free.
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    I got some 4" carpet tubes and some 1/2" OSB flooring out of a dumpster at a carpet place near my house. I used the OSB on the inside of the baffle to give the T-Nuts something to bite into. I didn't end up using 2 4" ports because I was able to get a scrap piece of 6" PVC from a construction site that I'm using as a port, although the carpet tube would have worked fine.

    I guess the only other thrifty thing I did was I price-matched for 3/4" MDF at Lowe's from Menards' flyer when they had it on sale. Three reasons: 1) My Menards didn't have a way to cut down the 4x8 sheet so I could easily deal with it once I got it home. 2) Menards 4x8 sheet is exactly 48"x96" - Lowe's is 49"x97" - that extra inch made a big difference in being able to get the pieces that I needed at the right size after the saw cuts. 3) Lowes price matches + a difference (10%, I think) so it cost me less there too!

    Happy Savings all you stingy, miserly, parsimonious, tightfisted, penny-pinching DIYers!

  7. PaulDF

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    May 17, 2002
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    I am pretty new to the DIY scene, but have recently finished my first project (almost). To me, DIY is beneficial in a lot of ways....
    1. It is original. Nobody else will have the same thing I just built. I like to be original.
    2. It is a huge learning experience. If I just went to the store and bought what I wanted, I would still know next to nothing. As it is, I am a little wiser.
    3. It is cheaper, hopefully. Though I did spend about $750 CAD to build my Tempest, which is more than I originally had planned for.
    4. I have the option of modifying or totally redesigning my sub if I felt the urge to play around again. Probably improve the design since it was my first one.
    I'm sure there are many more points I missed, but I think DIY is just plain cool. Too bad I didn't get into it 10 years sooner![​IMG]

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