Raiders Of The Lost Ark (expectations)

Discussion in 'Movies' started by Shawn Neal, Jul 15, 2003.

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    First off-
    My name is Shawn I live in the Phoenix metropolitan area (Arizona) and I am ECSTATIC that I found you all!!! I'm looking forward to some really great conversation.

    Just wanted to comment on the upcoming (and eagerly anticipated) release of the Indiana Jones Trilogy. Raiders Of The Lost Ark in particular holds the number 1 slot of all time great movies for me. There isn't a scene, shot, sound byte that i'm not intimately familiar with.

    With the release of ROTLA on VHS then watching it on TV, I've noticed ONE piece of footage that is ALWAYS cut out of the movie. The scene is a shot of the Nazis in the back of the truck as Indiana Jones is chasing it on the white horse. You see the Nazis being jostled around in the truck as its speeding down the road. The ONLY time I saw that footage was during the origianl theatrical release. From then on, it was always cut out. Yes, it's an insignificant shot, but for some stupid reason, that shot stuck in my head and I ALWAYS notice that it's not there!

    My SINGLE wish is that the ENTIRE original feature length presentation will be remastered on to DVD. Would anyone happen to know if that is truly the case?

    Glad to be on board!!![​IMG]
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    Welcome to HTF Shawn [​IMG]

    While I am nowhere as familiar with this movie as you are and cannot offer any help, is it possible that such a shot... never existed? After all you've only seen it once, some 20 years ago.

    It certainly happened to me before, on movies that are only a couple of months old.

    When I first saw SPR in the summer of 98, I was swearing the next day that one of the characters had survived, that he only seemed dead for a second for dramatic effect, then was helped up and carried away by another. I vehemently arfued this, would have sworn over anyone's grave as they say... until the re-release that winter, where I was proven wrong. Even after that, I suspected that shot was cut out. Then there was the DVD...

    BTW, the character is Mike Horvath, Tom Sizemore's character. He is shot at the Alamo "I just got the wind knocked out of me...". Then The Sarge (Hanks) is calling to him "Mike, Mike"... his eyes are opened, he looks dead. THEN I swear I saw someone come and grab him and was relieved to see he was alive after all... I saw it! I KNOW IT! [​IMG]

    I can still remember that scene. How I manage to construct it an integrate it into the movie is beyond me.

    You know, I just realised they are both Spielberg movies. You might be unto something here... [​IMG]

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    Lowry Digital Imaging is digitally restoring Indy. The same people that did Citizen Kane, Dr. Zhivago, and a ton of other great jobs

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