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Radio Shack 1994 help: Codes & Macro's (1 Viewer)

Michael De Costa

Stunt Coordinator
May 8, 2001
Taking a long hard look at the plethora of remotes cluttering my coffee table, I felt it was time to purchase a Universal Remote. Not wanting to spend the money on a Pronto, I decided to follow the faithful 1994 users that inhabit this forum. An excellent choice I must say. The one downside to this remote is the manual. I cannot figure out how to set macro's. I want to hit one button to turn on my Toshiba 3109 DVD player, my Pioneer receiver and Toshiba 56H80. To this point I cannot find the correct method of setting up a macro. Can anyone help me? I also can't seem to find the code to work the 3109. None of the code in the manual seem to work right, which left me to burn up all the programmable memory. Again, I call on 1994 users for help. My 3rd and final request would be to set the all off button to power off all Audi/Video equipment. I know this forum is filled with 1994 users, so please help out a brother in need. Thanks in advance......

Neil Weinstock

Stunt Coordinator
Nov 28, 2000
The manual that comes with the 1994 is not a manual; it is a random collection of words that occasionally has something to do with the remote.
You want to go to Remote Central (www.remotecentral.com), where there's a forum dedicated to these remotes, and also to Rob's remote page (http://www.hifi-remote.com/ofa/), which has a proper online manual for the 1994, along with buckets of other Good Stuff. You should find your questions answered there.
I can make one quick comment on your third question. To have a macro turn off everything, you really need discrete on/off codes (i.e., separate remote codes for on and off, as opposed to a single button that toggles.) Toshiba products don't have discrete on/off, so you can never have a perfect system-off macro that includes your DVD player. As the owner of two Toshiba components (TV and DVD), I can say that this is a pain in the neck. So you'll have to find a compromise approach that you can live with.

Will Pons

Mar 23, 2001
Also call the 800 number in the manual for the codes. I recently found them very helpful and responsive. It is not the Radio Shack folks, rather manufacturer the remote...I think Universal.
My one disappointment was that it would not control my Dish satelite receiver as it is an RF type. I did not realize that until I tried to make the 1994 work on it.

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