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R4 Battlestar Galactica delayed until 2003 (1 Viewer)


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Apr 15, 2002
I found this article over at http://www.dvdtimes.co.uk/index.cgi?page=News&id=3220
This is great news indeed and hopefully this will turn into a worldwide release next year
Here is a sample
"In 2003 there will be a lot of activity surrounding the 25th Anniversary of Battlestar Galactica, including a planned new television mini-series. I believe the decision to postpone the release is the best we could make at this moment. I say to fans - you are being heard, just hold out a little longer - you'll not be disappointed."

David Lambert

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Aug 3, 2001
Tim Smith, Senior Product Manager for Universal Pictures Video Australia explains: "After initially announcing the box set some months ago we never imagined the groundswell of support for this release not only from Australian fans, but also from fans from all over the world. We had received so much feedback from fans as to what they would like to see in the collection - as it stands today it simply does not do a release of this calibre the justice it deserves in order to be ready for its original planned release date".
"Many additional elements I had hoped to have ready for our release are still being researched at this very moment in the U.S. and simply would not be ready to make our planned release date. In addition to this, there are major sound and image enhancements being carried out to the original masters. Whilst our local digital masters were assessed and cleared for DVD authoring, it makes more sense to await for the extensive remastering to allow the very best quality that DVD can provide".
Hmmm...sounds like it was gonna be a relatively plain-jane "we'll just throw anything out there" release, at least quality-wise, and then the fan reaction got back to them and they had an "Oh, shit...we got something here!" revelation. Maybe USA fans contacting Universal here helped, as Universal USA might have inquired with Universal AUS. :)
In any case, it sure sounds like it will be worth waiting for, and I can truly swing with an anniversary release.
I just hope they listen to the fans closely, and give us EVERYTHING we want. For this one, I promise you that money will be no object! :D
(Well, let's not be exhorbitant, either! :laugh: )


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Feb 21, 2002
I just hope they listen to the fans closely, and give us EVERYTHING we want. For this one, I promise you that money will be no object!
I wouldn't count on it, David. Most business types have the opinion that the customer wants everything, now, for free.

Jeff Ulmer

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Aug 23, 1998
A well done set of this series at an appropriate price point would be great. Since I can't afford it right now anyway, next year is fine.

By your command.

Jeff Pryor

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Mar 5, 2002
Definitely on my to-buy list. Galactica was one of the best sci-fi series, second only to TOS Trek, with Space: 1999 coming in 3rd.

Jeff Kleist

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Dec 4, 1999
Couldn't they have delayed it earlier? 13 days before street is a LITTLE LATE!
I'm going to go cry now :frowning:
Universal US said "Oh no you don't!" and now they're planning a worldwide release for Galactica's big 25th. Probably now they may spring for the director's cut of the pilot to be put together, some commentary tracks and all that
Universal, if the attendance by the production people at the BSG Reunions is any indication, you can get one HECK of a documentary. I'm sure that Terry McDonnell and Jim Carlson would be very happy to do commentary on "Fire in Space" and "Take the Celestra" and that Richard,Dirk, Herb, Jack Stauffer and the rest of the surviving cast would like to do it as well
PLEASE PLEASE get Terry "The Man" Carter to do some commentary. Never have I met a greater gentleman. He's 60 something, and he sat up till 2AM chatting with us, simply because we were fans.
THIS Will make up for any delay

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