R2 - Warners Essential War Collection

Discussion in 'DVD' started by MarcoBiscotti, Feb 11, 2005.

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    What do you guys think?

    Even though it appears to be a simple repackaging of current releases, I still think it looks pretty classy and my only complaint about Warner Bros. product in the past year (aside from not releasing the classic MGM Happy Harmonies cartoons!) has been regarding their earlier packaging concepts which I refuse to buy, so I think this is a nice alternative and a way for us to finally replace those old snapper cases. I'd like to see it come to R1 eventually, though I'd be hesitant to purchase a film like The Deer Hunter under this banner unless it's been upgraded Special Edition with a remastered transfer and the works. Most of these films are doubtful to recieve upgrades however, and most don't need them, so I think it'd be a nice collection to display on your shelves... for those of us who have either held off on these releases in the past for whatever reason, or are willing to upgrade simply for the packaging and conformity. There seem to be quite a few negative comments posted at DVDTimes, but I don't see how anyone can complain considering these are simple reissues of what already exists - you're either content with what you've got and have no interest, or you like them. It's not as though content is being dropped or added, etc.

    What's your opinion... who would buy these / upgrade / purchase the titles you don't already own?

    Who's like to see this come to R1?
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    I might get a few of the titles, if they are full blown SE with top notch transfers, butthere are a lot of titles I'm not exactly sold on.

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