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R0 DVD Spider-Man once upon a time the Superheroes

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by oscar_merkx, Jul 5, 2002.

  1. oscar_merkx

    oscar_merkx Lead Actor

    Apr 15, 2002
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    Just 5 minutes ago I picked this DVD up at my local WH Smith in Glasgow, Scotland for a mere £ 4,99
    All I know is this :
    Running Time 2 hours 50 minutes
    Distributed by ILC Prime Ltd
    Exempt from certification
    Pal All Regions
    English Language
    Screen format 4:3
    Prepare to be amazed - These are the greatest stories ever told
    As Spider-Man mania casts its silky web across the globe, you have the chance to uncover the real story behind the legendary Marvel Comics for the first time ever. In this landmark program on the phenomenal comic book publiushers, Spider-Man, Batman and countless other Marvel Comic Super Heroes will take you on the most fantastical ride you could possibly imagine.
    Accept no imitations and gasp in wonder as "SpiderMan - Once Upon A Time The Super Heroes" brings this extraordinary collection of American Superheroes together for the first time. Titanic struggles of "good versus evil"
    are brought back to life with the aid of a treasure trove of never before seen extracts from comic strips, feature films and cartoons, plus fascinating interviews with screenwriters, comic strip artists, film producers and directors.
    Spider-Man, like other legendary Marvel characters, was given "flesh and bones" by the imaginations of millions of children across the world; and has now been immortalized by Hollywood. This is their story.
    ================================================== ==========
    I will watch this dvd and let you guys know what this dvd is all about.
    I am very excited and this is to my knowledge no bootleg.
    Can anybody else confirm this as well.
    until later
    Oscar Merkx
  2. Rob T

    Rob T Screenwriter

    Aug 26, 2001
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  3. Richard Smith

    Richard Smith Stunt Coordinator

    May 26, 2000
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    I nearly bought this last weekend but I thought that the packaging looked nasty even for a budget release. Looking forward to hearing your opinion on it Oscar. If its a half decent documentary on comics I'll pick it up.

  4. oscar_merkx

    oscar_merkx Lead Actor

    Apr 15, 2002
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    okay guys
    I am back from watching the all region DVD, and yes I know that Batman was mentioned on the back cover. This was also a question for myself.
    So I flipped in the disc and here are the scene selections
    1) Opening Titles
    This is just background views of New York for about two
    minutes with spectacular views of the city of New York.
    I was not sure why NY would be so prominently featured
    yet when I finished watching the DVD, it becomes clear
    and explain later
    2) Background
    Immediately gets into the story with intervies from artists such as Dave Gibbons, Alex Ross, Joe Quesada, Michael Kaluta, Travis Charest, Neal Adams & Bill Sienkiewicz which are interspersed with footage of the Superman II and this was a treat from the 1941 Republic Pictures trailer for the return of Captain Marvel in B&W, anybody know of their website by the way.
    3) Superman
    John Romita talked about the influence Superman had on his career. He remembers buying Action Comics 1 in 1938 when it first came on the market, and bought two copies. One was to put away to savour while the other was buying used to copy Superman and he talks about how he was able to draw Superman
    in his sleep. It was also the first comic to sell over a million copies every time, plus the fact that there was a dual identity to which people could relate to. They also showed part of a CBS radio archive dated october 9, 1940 where they talked to the co-creators, Jerry Siegel(http://www.comic-art.com/bios-1/siegel01.htm) and Joe Shuster(http://www.comic-art.com/bios-1/shuster1.htm).
    This was really great as I had not heard their voices before or any info about them, plus I had a chance to look at the websites dedicated to them. Awesome stuff.
    I found this link to the radio serials from the 1940s
    Joe Kubert talked about the influence these two artists had upon the industry as a whole. He said Superman was really the symbol of the immigrant making it in America, plus how different Clark Kent was in his normal identity.
    They showed the Superman cartoon series done by the Fleisher Bros, whoa. (here are a number of sites related to them, so many of them http://google.yahoo.com/bin/query?p=...hers&hc=0&hs=0)
    4) Critics & new heroes
    Ofcourse Superman would be copied by the dozen and then Batman by Bob Kane was introduced. It was the first time that I saw anything of the animated Batman series which I thought was fantastic, so I will start to collect these shows on DVD, can anybody help me with which one I should start with ?
    Both Jim Lee and Carmine Infatino talked a great deal about Batman and how he differed in every aspect with Superman. They way they did this was by comapring Richard Donner's Superman and Tim Burton's Batman, White vs Black.
    Another comic heroe who would be very influential was Captain America (Steve Rogers) created by Joe Simon & Jack Kirby, here Mark Evanier talked about the impact WWII had about the comic industry led by these two artists. They had a real enemy which could be ridiculed and made fun. It was really great to see a 1966 Captain America cartoon taking on the Red Skull.
    Then in april 1954 there was a senate hearing about how comics destroyed the teenagers of that period by reading comics. Paul Dini of Batman TAS made a valid point of saying that movies are having the same effect these days. Great comparison.
    Frederic Wertham MD wrote Seduction of the Innocent which led (http://www.comic-art.com/bios-1/wertham1.htm) to the creation of Comics Code of Authority and no comic would be published without it. This led almost to the death of comics itself.
    5) Spider-Man
    6) Villians
    7) Superheroes
    8) Artwork
    9) Merchandise
    the last 5 sections all deal with the re emergence of the superhero when the Flash by DC (http://www.dccomics.com) was reintroduced and led to the so called clean cut characters. However, in 1961 Timely Comics where Stan Lee and Jack Kirby worked renamed their company Marvel to reflect the changing times) (http://www.marvel.com) and published Fantastic Four 1, which led to the creation of so many others like the Hulk, Iron Man, SpiderMan, Wasp, AntMan and so many others.
    And so began the rivalry between DC & Marvel, clean cut vs the monster superheroes. What I mean by this is all explained in the dvd. Basically it showed the Marvel characters were created as monsters but fighting the cause of evil, wheras DC superheros were normal humans.
    Bonus Footage with regards to the Marvel Comics Characters
    This is a section where Stan Lee primarily talks about his creations as three dimensional Characters in working together with Jack Kirby
    1) Three dimensional characters
    2) The Supervillians
    3) Action
    4) Action VS Violence
    5) Talking while fighting
    6) The censors
    7) The covers
    8) Jack Kirby King of the Comics
    9) X-Men
    10)Movie Characters
    This was really interesting as so much was talked especially when The Comics Authority refused Stan Lee to write a story about drugs, and in effect he published it without their approval.
    One thing I have to say about the dvd is that as fan it is a must buy, and you really learn about the comics industry as a whole and how the business is today.
    I am now signing off as this was my very fist review of a dvd that I found. Second I am browsing through all these sites I found and start purchasing more comics dvd.
    Oscar Merkx

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