Quick Review of the Hitachi Home 1

Discussion in 'Displays' started by MikeRP, Mar 30, 2004.

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    Hi all:

    Just got my Home 1 delivered today. I have a basement home theater and an upstairs Home Theater. This one is for the basement.

    The Room is 14 by 25 approx. I have a 80 by 48 inch DIY screen made from Frosty White Formica with no additional painting.

    I purchased from ProjectorPeople and they did a nice job so far. The setup also came with a combo Hitachi Prog Scan DVD/VCR combo.

    So, here's the preliminary review.

    The basement system has:

    Pioneer Elite 41 TX
    Adcom 545 (100 WPC)
    Hitachi DVPF73U DVD/VCR Combo
    Paradigm PW-2200 Sub
    Pioneer Mains and Center
    Bose AM-10 for SL and SR
    Sonanace Symphony for SBL and SBR in ceilings
    DIY Frosty Formica Screen
    Hitachi Home 1


    This was a breeze. I set the PJ up on a table about 8 feet from the screen. Hooked up composite and S-Video to the PJ. I did not hook up component cause I ordered the cables and they are do in this week.

    Within 30 seconds of turning the thing on I had it zeroed in for size, focus, and centering on the screen.

    This weekend I hope to ceiling mount the PJ. Its flexibility is really awesome.


    I had only S-Vid hooked up and I started with X2 to check out the colors. The colors were pretty well off out of the box. The Contrast and Black levels were really bad.

    There are no missing pixils or anything like that I can see. Screen Door was very slightly noticable from 12 feet back. My wife and kids did not notice it at all.

    So, I started experimenting with the menu. Looks like to me the blue was way too high. Green was also high.So, I played around with the settings and next thing you know I had a pretty fair picture. Blacks were much improved. The menu is very intuitive and easy to accomplish adjustments.

    Everyone was impressed and the SDE seemed to melt away with the adjustments. My guess is that with the component and the prog scan DVD player hooked up you won't notice SDE at all.

    There are several size settings on the screen 16:9 ; 4:3 ;
    Wide and Movie. Wide had some weird stuff going on in the middle of the screen. Some kind of compression that made things look weird on X2. No problems with the other settings.

    I also watched Harry Potter which was very good.

    PS2 gaming was also very good. My son thought one of his games was more out of focus than usual. I didn't hear any compaing other than that - everyone really liked it.

    I have 7 days for testing but right now it sure looks like a keeper. For an entry level PJ - I'm very satisfied so far. The brighness of the screen was very good also even with backgound lights on in he room.

    I'm excited.........seems to be a great entry level PJ.


    Upstairs Theater

    Toshiba 57HDX82
    Pioneer Elite 45TX
    Pioneer Elite DVR 7000
    Paradigm Studio 40 FL, FR
    Paradigm Studio CC
    Paradigm Studio ADP's SL, SR
    Defintive Tech Pro 100 Sub
    TWC Digital Box
    TV Calibrated by Chad B
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    Sounds like a keeper. How about some pictures?

  3. MikeRP

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    Aug 8, 2002
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    Hey Parker:

    I will finish the setup this weekend. I will post some pics sometime early next week.

    But, it won't be a professional cal job - just mine. Which probably won't stand the test of people who know video.

    I'm more of an audio freak myself.



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