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quick review of my new dvds. (1 Viewer)

Joe Caps

Senior HTF Member
Dec 10, 2000
I've gotten quite a few new dvds recently and thought I would share my views of them with you.
Pajama Game - looks just okay in some shots and good in others.
Damn Yankees - to me this looks awesome. Sound is not bad considering the strange way it was done.
Hollywood was in the middle of a musicians strike, and no recording could be done in L.A. the vocals for this were done with p[iano on a separate track in Los Angeles. these tracks were shipped to Ray Heindorf in Italy and the piano track was removed and Ray conducted anItalian pickpup orchestra for the final recordings.
thats Entertainment Trilogy - a major improvement from earlier video releases. Disc four has a wonderful documentary about the people behind the scenes. Also great musical outtakes from films (some were released before on laserdisc.)
One of these outtakes is Esther williams doing Why is Love So Crazy with a temp piano track. However, the orchestra track for this does exist, so im'm not sure why they don't use it. This should be joined to the song in the film sung by Howard Keel (it was meant to be one long number)
This number was cut from Pagan Love Song and Turner has other numbers cut from this film that have nuever been shown including a couple different versions of the song,Tahiti, sung by Howard Keel. I hope we get more Keel films now that he has passed away - including Jupeters Darling (with the outtakes, Pagan Love Song, Rose Marie and Kismet (with the outtakes)
Gone with the Wind - great transfer and extras.
There is one extra that I have never seen on any GWTW video set - the alternate prologue that showed up on teh first NBC telecast.
After the credtis, there is a prologue that start with - There was a land of cavaliers and ladies - superimposed on shot of field hands comng home.
On the NBG broadcast, there was the same writing, but superimposed over the planet earth with clouds around it. No one seems to know where this came from, but it is mentioned in the "making of" book called scarlet Fever.

the Rose Tattoo - not good - harsh, very digital looking picture and the soundtrack has been noise gated into the ground. You can';t hear Alex Norths great score and the dialgue is very brittle (keep your laser versions of this one).

Three Coins in the Fountain - awesome. The picture has been restored and looks like it was shot yesterday morning and the sound was never better. I hope fox does more from the fifties Cinemascope era.


Jun 19, 2002
Yes, I completely agree about Three Coins, an amazing picture with beautiful sound. But the movie...?! All that post-looping drives me crazy, and... no, sorry to be critical -- it is a wonderful DVD.

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