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    Ok, I just got a new TV and I'm planning to buy the new Video Essentials Redux when it comes out. But for now, is there any sort of quick calibration I can do with my TV? So far, I've noticed that turning down the Picture & Contrast during DVD's makes a huge difference (w/ the Picture up, movies look pixelated) - by the way, I have a 24" Panasonic Tau
    any other suggestions? should i have different settings for both movies and TV or will a properly calibrated TV display both accurately?
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    Feb 3, 2001
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    Aside from turning the contrast down there isn't a lot you can do w/o a calibration disc. That should suffice for now while you are breaking in your set.
    As far as settings, i have two different settings for mine. I have my movie mode for movies (obviously) calibrated with Avia/VE. For my TV/Cable settings I used my movie settings as a base line and tweaked it to my liking. TV shows aren't really shot with certain picture levels and things in mind. I found that my Movie settings were too dark for most general TV, so I tweaed it a bit. I know a lot of people who do the same, but some purists may disagree. I even have my movies settings tweaked just a tad...i figure I paid for it, if I don't like watching it a certain way, get it to where I like it [​IMG] Have fun with your new set.
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