Questions re Dish Network ViP622 (DVR) -- how does it work in room # 2?


Jan 16, 2007
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'J.R.' Riddell
I've read that the Dish Network ViP622 (DVR) comes with two remotes and allows you to play back on two TVS. Since most people (including me) have 1 TV per room, I'm wondering how this set up works.

My understanding is that the DVR acts as your satellite receiver also. If this is the case, then does it act as the receiver for both televisions? Or do I need a separate satellite receiver for the second TV?

I'm assuming these remotes are IR as opposed to RF technology (because of the cost associated with RF remotes) -- so I just don't understand how this whole set up works. How do you receive all satellite programming and DVR recordings on TV number 2 in a separate room?

Can someone explain? Thanks in advance.


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Aug 22, 2000
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Have you checked out the Dishnetwork site? They have a nice page that covers the 622 and 625. The 625 looks to be a standard def only version of the 622. link.

Please post any additional questions.


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Jun 28, 1999
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JR I have the Vip622. Overall it's a good receiver but I will warn you the HDMI output is hit or miss. Some people have no problem with it while some (like me) only used it a few days or hours before the HDMI output stopped working correctly or at all. I'm not messed up about it since I'm leasing the receiver and the component signal is just as good as the HDMI signal.
I believe the remote for TV 1 is IR. The remote for TV 2 is RF so the signal can actually travel through walls.

The DVR does act as a receiver for both TVs.

The TV 1 output is HD capable so if you have an HDTV, this is where you would want to watch the majority of your programming. It can also output in 16x9 mode for widescreen TVs.

The TV 2 output is NOT HD capable and only outputs 4x3.

Here's the way mine is connected. I have 2 coax lines coming in from my dish antenna and 1 coax from an OTA antenna (so I can get my locals in HD). All 3 connect to the receiver located in the master bedroom. The TV 1 output is connected via component cables to a 16x9 HDTV (also in the master bedroom) so I can get all my HD programming on that set. I use remote control #1 (IR) to operate in this room.
The TV 2 output is connected via coax cable to a 16x9 HD-ready TV in another room (my home theater). I mainly use this set to watch movies and watch very little satellite programming on it so I'm fine with a 4x3 signal and no HD being sent to it. I use remote control #2 (RF) to control the receiver from 2 rooms away. There is an antenna which connects to the back of the receiver which allows use of the 2nd remote. I had to install an attenuator (included) on the antenna because other people in the neighborhood were changing the channel on my TV2 out.

Basically, my wife can be watching Roseanne in the bedroom and I can watch a completely different channel in the HT. You can also record two different things at the same time and everything recorded is accessible from either TV.

Hope this sheds some light on your question.

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