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Discussion in 'Computers' started by Greg Haynes, Feb 23, 2004.

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    I have what I hope is a simply question. I need to know after creating a search button for a webpage then how to make it query the request.

    I made a search page and results page but I don't know how to have it search all the pages for whatever the user entered.

    If someone could help me or direct me to somewhere I can learn I would appreciate it. It would be for a medical site that I am creating and I am testing it out at my testing site,

    Also, I guess this would fit in the same area, but I would like to know how to create member area to collect data from users. Do I use MySQL or could I create an Access db and then upload the db.
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    The simplest way, I believe, is to hook up a localized Google search. Check Google; I think you can link a search field and button that calls Google, with the search limited to your site.

    Beyond that, you will need server-side processing and custom search scripts.

    Nice looking site, btw. [​IMG]
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    Heya Greg, nice looking site indeed. Very professional!

    Probably the best way to implement both the site search and the client data entry would be to use some PHP scripting. I'd mark-up all the pages in XML and use certain tags for indexing (what the script will search for).

    You could set up the client info to either be automatically entered in your database of choice or output as a delimited text file. A simple javascript routine can take care of that.

    There are a lot of web resources dealing with both these topics. "PHP search engine" brought up some interesting sites.

    Good luck.

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