Questions on my system based on PSB Speakers

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  1. Adam_Smith

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    Mar 20, 2002
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    I have just gotten into home theater and am working on buidling my system. Any advice would be appreciated.

    Currently have

    Sony DB1070 Receiver

    F L/R PSB image 2B Bookshelf

    C PSB 8C

    My eventual plan is get PSB image 7pt's for the fronts and move the 2B's to the back and get either a PSB Sub6 or Sub5.

    If anyone knows wether or not the sub5 match sound-wise with the image series even though it is part of the alpha series please tell me. Also will the 2b's work well as surrounds with the 7pt's. Also do the 7pt's replace a subwoofer even though they are powered an how does that affect things? Also does it make sense to get a 9c center for the fron and move the 8c as the rear center considering there are very feww disks with 6.1?

    Any answers to my questions or additional input would really help. Keep in mind that I am a college student and this equiptment will be used in my fairly small apartment bedroom for at the next 3 years or so.
  2. Alex Prosak

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    Dec 9, 2001
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    1. The 2b's will work just fine as surround speakers.

    2. Having heard a DTS-ES system with the surround back, I would recommend using the 8c as a surround back speaker and using a 9c for the center.

    3. Since you'll be using a sub and will most likely be setting all your speakers to small, I would advise replacing the 7pt's with a pair of 6t's. Use the money you save on the fronts and upgrade the sub from a PSB to an SVS.

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