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Discussion in 'Displays' started by Mark Danner, Jul 27, 2004.

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    I will probably be getting a new TV in a few months. So far I am 90% sure that it will be a Samsung DLP 50". Just not sure what chip I will go with at that time. Maybe the HD2+. I noticed that my cable company now has an HD cable box. So if I use that I will not need to buy an HD converter box correct? Also with DVI and HDMI these TV's have one input each for both types. What are people doing? The cable box is DVI only and then if I get a new DVD player with DVI how can I use both? I noticed some places sell a DVI splitter cable. Is that the way to go or are DVD players going to start coming with HDMI outs so I can have my cable box use DVI and my DVD player use HDMI??
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    Jul 26, 2004
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    The HD box from your cable company will work fine, but I'd try to get a box that had more than just DVI.
    As far as DVI, HDMI, & Component..I think you've got to see which works best for you.
    There are some who do not like the DVI picture compared to component, and vice versa.
    Also, I definately check out how good an SD signal looks on your set.There is still alot of programing shown in SD, and a screen that size using that technology may show artifacts from a poorer PQ source.
    Lastly...have you considered the cost of replacement bulbs.
    They're expensive ($300 +) and trust me, the bulbs don't last anywhere near as long as Samsung claims.
    If you use your set frequently, your looking at a bulb a year.

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