Questions for Sony KV-34XBR910 Owners

Discussion in 'Displays' started by Glenn-May, Nov 22, 2003.

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    My best friend just purchased the Sony KV-34XBR910 on my advice that it is the best direct view set out there. I am going to his house on Sunday to hook it up for him. He does not know anything about Home Theatre really. Couple of question for you owners:

    First, we will be going to buy him a new DVD player on sunday. Would a DVD player like the Samsung with a DVI connection make That much of a difference with this set? Has anyone compared the component connections with the DVI? Is it a big enough difference to justify the expense? Does it make more sense to save the DVI port for a Hi Def box? If so, then is a progressive scan player vital with this set? I know with the Phillips sets that have Pixel Plus most people prefer feeding it and interlaced signal and letting the Pixel Plus take over. Does the Sony have a feature like Pixel Plus that makes progressive scan unnecessary? If not, any recommendations for a decent Progressive player from Best Buy?

    Lastly, is there any vital changes to make in the Svc menu, or just use AVIA to calibrate basic settings? Any other things I should know about when setting up his set?

    As usual Thanks So much guys!
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    All sets, including even this stunning model, benefit from the grayscale tweaks possible through the service menu.

    And given the XBR910's unprecedented-for-a-direct-view resolution, you should be able to detect the slight improvement in image quality afforded by the Samsung's DVI output.

    As for a DVD player, I'd always recommend going with a progressive-scan machine. The Sony's equivalent to Philip's Pixel Plus is Digital Reality Creation. As good as it may be, I'd rather rely on a prog-scan machine's scaling.

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