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    I was watching it the other evening, and I noticed in the scene early in the film after Tom Cruise is brought upstairs to attend to the OD-ing woman in Sydney Pollack's home, there seemed to be a significant curvature to the vertical lines in the upper part of the screen. It is particularly noticeable in the shots where Cruise initially enters the room. Is this an artifact from a very wide angle lens or do I need to tune up my geometry on my television? I will play around with some test patterns this evening to check it out, but was wondering if anyone else had noticed it.
    P.S. I respectfully request that anyone who wants to assert that curvature effects from wide angle lenses are less noticeable on matted 1.85:1 presentations and go down the well-trodden road about aspect ratio of Kubrick films, please start a separate thread or join one of the existing ones. [​IMG]
    Ken McAlinden
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    From the IMDB goofs section:
    Crew or equipment visible: In the overdose scene in Ziegler's bathroom, reflected in the chrome (reports are the video transfer has made this less obvious).
    Perhaps when they tried the correction for the DVD release it resulted in the geometry distortion?

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