Questions and concerns about NHT Ssuper Audio series

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    I will try to express my concerns to the best of my ability without boring everyone so here goes. I have auditioned several brands of speakers and absolutely love the clarity size and sound of the NHT super bookshelves (SB2s and SB3s). After months of research and consideration I have several worries about getting them. My proposed system would be SB3 mains, SC1 center, and SB2 rears and sub still up in the air, with the system powered by a H/K 525 or possibly the Onkyo sr800, separate amp not in budget.
    The room the system will be going in is one of my greatest concerns. It is 25x15 carpeted room with a 9' ceiling with two 6 foot openings one into a hall and the other into a kitchen and the rear wall almost entirely windows. Due to large pet reasons the speakers will ideally be mounted on the wall with omnimount brackets.
    I have heard wonderful endorsements of the sb3s but they are also apparently inefficient in that they require a lot of clean power to run them so this would be my first concern. My next would be the placement of them less than a foot off the wall on the brackets. Thirdly i would like the matching sub but i don't believe it would work in the large room, and am slightly concerned that the bookshelves would also have difficulty filling the room.
    I apologize for the length but look forward to any help.
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    I run the old Superone x3 Superzero x2 with the HK AVR110, 40*5, in a 28*13*8 room, and only occasionally feel like I running out of gas with stereo (2.1) and never feel strained in 5.1.

    My sub is a PE250w / SVS driver Adire alignment. Nice for the price.

    About the placement, in my room, the farther from the back wall the better...sorry.

    - CM

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