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    I have just bought (not yet delivered) a Tosh 50H71. Now I am thinking about changing which model I am getting. I have a few questions that would help me make up my mind. I am getting 4:3 as I do alot more TV watching than DVD's. I will

    get a progressive scan DVD player but that is another topic for another day.

    1) Does anybody know the difference between a xxH71 and xxHX71? and think it is worth spending more money for the HX71?

    2) I have seen some comments that the 480p->540p conversion

    before the vertical compression is an issue should I look into this?

    3) All the xxH71 models have 540p my question is how many lines (or is it pixels) do the different sizes have in the other direction. (pixels per width of the screen)

    Is is the same for all of them? (if someone has the numbers I would also be interested in the xxH81's as well)

    Do other brands have different numbers?

    I have looked for this info and could not find it.

    4) Someone have a good reason to buy a different brand? I

    am staying away from Sony (personal choice) which is why I

    ended up with Tosh.
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    Toshiba's 540P upconversion "crushes" high resolution detail from things like DVD's. Add to that, it also adds some type of horizontal banding interference in the "near high resolution" detail as well.

    While this does not impact HD, it does impact your DVD regardless of 480P or 480i signal types.

    This is easily demonstrated with the AVIA resolution charts. On moving pictures, it may be harder to notice, but it is still there ... or should I say ... not there.

    It's the "what's not there stuff" that bugs me.

    Mits may be worth considering as well as Panasonic or pioneer.


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