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Discussion in 'Displays' started by JoshuaL, Dec 7, 2003.

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    I posted previously that I was considering a 30" Toshiba 30HF83. While true, I'm also seriously considering the Sanyo PLV-Z2 after realizing that I may be able to place a screen on a different wall than the main TV and hook up a 2nd set of (hopefully unobtrusive) speakers that I can switch to when using the projector. So...

    1) My ideal projector placement is sitting on top of my entertainment center, but that will mean that the projector is not directly in front the screen; it will be about 5 feet off center and 10 feet from the screen. Will keystone correction (horizontal only is needed) be able to compensate? Or will the picture quality suffer noticeably? (At this distance I will just barely be able to project to a 99" widescreen screen with the zoom all the way to x1.3.)

    2) I would prefer a 16:9 screen around 90" just to be safe, but haven't been able to find any. Are there any available, or is 99" the closest?

    3) When watching 4:3 content on the Z2 (which is 16:9), is the image stretched or displayed windowboxed (and can you control it on the Z2?)

    3) (Slightly OT) Am I crazy? Does the second set of speakers sound like more trouble than it's worth? Has anyone attempted something like this (two different displays on different walls) before?
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    1) Keystone correction generally only applies to offsets in the vertical direction. You kind of want to stay away from keystone correction as it degrades the picture. Having said that, the Z2 has vertical and horizontal lens-shift. This means that if you can get the lens within th perimeter of the screen (maybe a hair outside of it), then you can use the lens shift to place the picture properly on the scren without using keystone correction.

    2)If your desired screen size is not 'standard', then you have two choices: [1] Make your own screen, [2]Ask the manufacturer to custom-mask a slightly larger screen to yield the dimensions you want. I have seen posts talking about DaLite being good about this kind of thing. I do not know about the others.

    3) There are a number of modes on the Z2 that will allow you to either stretch the picture, or view it in its proper AR with pillarboxing.

    4) Whether it is too much trouble is really up to you. I would probably see if there was any way at all to set up the PJ on the same wall as the TV. You could use a pull-down screen in front of the TV set, for instance.


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