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    Please correct if any of the following is wrong.

    I understand I need a different dish/set-top box to get DirectTV HD signals. Do I need a separate box to get OTA signals in HD? Will my locals on DirecTV be in HD?

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    You will require a new dish and receiver for HD veiwing via DirecTv.

    The 24" eliptial dish with two LNB elements will get you HD NET and HD HBO, HD Showtime (and future HD programming) will also require the addition of a SAT C kit. The SAT C kit ads a third LNB element to the dish. FYI some dealers offer a version of the dish with the SAT C kit included. This dish will allow up two four sat receivers to be connected without any additional equipment. Once you go beyond four you will require either another dish assembly or a larger multi switch such as a Spaun.

    Next you will require a HD capable DirecTv receiver. (personaly I would recomend the Sony HD200 or the Zenith 520). Most receivers can also receive/decode local terrestrial based HD content.

    Lastly you will also require a antenna for your roof or attic, so you can receive the above mentioned terrestrial content.

    While there are local channels available from DirecTv they are only transmitted in their standard def formats.

    That about covers it, hope it helps


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